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Every now and then we need another one…
I was wonder what you think of the current state of mtg vs. the past. And where you think it’s headed.

anyone play magic?
I’m interested in starting out playing magic, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers. I’ve read people suggesting to go get a prebuilt deck from any game store or even walmart, then play around with that for a bit. I’ve also seen people saying to get like fat packs, etc.
I’m just wondering, what would be the best thing for me to do? (like what should I buy to start out, how should I learn to play, etc)
I was thinking about maybe getting one of these?

and would it be a good idea to go to a prerelease of the 2013 coreset?
I know it’s not really anywhere similar, but I’ve played yugioh in the past, and I’ve been playing Shadow Era for a few months now. That’s pretty much the extent of ccg experience I have.

Edit: I ended up going over to a local comics and cards. Got myself a blue black intro pack, deck box, and black dragon shields. The guy also gave me two half decks for free! :slight_smile:

M13 just came out. My buddy and I went halves on a box and we love it. I hated DA so much that I barely played Avacyn, even though it was a great set.
Originally started with Portal back in the day, again during Kamigawa, and I started for a third time at the end of last year.

I play quite a bit. Is there anything in particular you wanted to know?

I’m actually moving into a city where they have sanctioned FNM Draft tournaments. I’ve considered starting to play.

I am not current, But I use Black/red Goblin Death Raider deck. (Like I said, I’m a few sets older…)
If you use red, you must (Not kidding, the unquestionable Magic Bible agrees…lol) use a full set of Lightning Bolts (4), for one red mana, dealing 3 damage to either a creature or player, its a staple.

If you use black, Doom Blades and a few others are a must.

Green generally runs off of mana Ramp (get more mana on the field for bigger things quicker) or Agrro (Enchantments and buffs)

I rarely use Blue, but its about field and hand control. ( I did make a blue/black deck back when shadowmoor was huge…Fairies were jerks)

White is for…I don’t know, trolling others , I guess. Baneslayer Angel was a jerk…White usually runs off of Protection from other colors (cant be affected by anything of those colors.)

Someons else help fill in what I left out, please…I have only been playing for four and a half years…thanks

I started with shards of alara…so i’m rather (comparitively) new…lol. I think the new sets are better, but some are just …bleh… I loved my Geth, Lord Of Vault, but there was nothing to do with him…which annoyed me…He had potential to be a jerk on the field, but MtG just trolled us, I guess. Need to buy some new sets, though…I am Behind.

FNM drafts are great. So much fun. Fully agree in lightning bolts. I’d run 50 bolts and 10 mountains if it let me.
My favorite deck is an all green elf token spawn deck. I pretty much can’t lose with it haha.

I use pretty much everything (standard, old, etc). Mainly i play standard though. My main deck is a red burn, but I also have a mill, infect, knight, and a few other decks.

Anyone starting out, buy an intro pack from 2013 or anything 2012 and before that. DA and innistrad intros were weird, and avacyn intros weren’t the best ive seen, but the set is great. After you figure out the game, boost your collection with a deck builders toolkit (about $20) or a booster box repack (about $40, check . After you have a decent collection and deck, start messing around with duel decks, fat packs, etc.

Dual decks come with some of the best playing cards I’ve seen for only about $20. As evidenced by the fact that some of the older ones are almost $200 used.

I’m looking to build a casual EDH deck, as I no longer play competitively and have no desire to spend much money on Magic anymore, a lot of my friends play though, and besides cube drafting (we built an uncommon cube) they play EDH a lot.

Any advice on the EDH, then? How are the pre-made decks? Any advice is appreciated.

Premade decks are the best way to start. I like Political Puppets a lot. The lands in them are almost a necessity to EDH play. Once you play and mod your precon then you can decide if you want to modify your play style at all.
I personally really want to build a good 5 color EDH deck, but it’s not cheap to do it right.

The wizards of the coast, daily MTG section has alot of useful tips that are super current including combos and a section called building on a budget. I don’t waste my time on intro packs or boosters because it’s like gambling, where if you custom a deck you can make it pretty amazing with a sideboard for about 30-40. Although if someone is just starting the intro packs are okay.

Deck building is… Tough. You can never cover all of your bases , that’s why I run a three turn burn, eldrazi, unicorn trample, Dragon storm, bloodthirst, and my most current zombies. I play 5 nights a week with those setups and I play well with them.

It is very addicting.

Where you at? I want to find someone who can beat my elves. I have been working on a Spawsire deck but I just can’t get it to play right.

Haha. Middle of nowhere Wisconsin. College bound this fall where I’ll be dumping even more funds into it with the universities (eau Claire) magic the gathering club and card shop a block off campus. There is also a university sponsored juggling club that I will be introducing yoyos to. But with the whole magic thing it can get pricey. I just spent 40 dollars on EIGHT cards. Gravecrawlers (mortarpod) and messengers (plain sick for zombies). Although an easy deck to build is red burn. It’s also very simple to understand, it’s silly how well it works tho. I pop turn three kills with it no problem.

I love playing goblin/burn. It’s so simple and can go head to head with the best.

Many people hate the hostility that comes with it but the same can be said for mill and counter spells. They all have their own flavor but I always have red in my decks. It just seems to work for me.

Removal is the style that always pisses me off.

Yeah, a 5cc EDH deck would be fun, I really wanna make an anti-group-hug Norin the Wary deck, too…