Who plays Magic: The Gathering?

Just like the title says! I play and want to see if any if you guys do too.

I played onslaught to kamigawa. It just got too expensive to draft every week.

Always wanted to get into it, never did. Would love to try since my childhood was yugioh…

I’ve played Magic on and off since revised edition, right after Arabian Nights. Sooo, I guess on and off for 20 years or so. My younger brothers and I grew up playing it with each other. I went to college and didn’t really have enough cash to keep the hobby up, but now that I’m an adult it’s something I still love to do when I have time. I’ve attempted to play at some local comic shops and while people are always nice it’s always way too competitive and I always get destroyed. My all time favorite sets are very old school, Ice Age and Homelands. Of the newer stuff I got into Innistrad and Avacyn Restored fairly heavily. I bought a lot of Theros packs last year but didn’t really have time to build a deck I really loved.

Its pretty similar in concept. Pick up a starter set and a precon, or play magic online. If you play hearthstone, its VERY similar.

I currently have a green white token deck, and I am making a green black self-mill deck, based around lord of extinction. In the green black I am also playing vraska the unseen, so i have two win strategies from it.

Played from about 5th Edition through to the start of the Planeswalker saga. Still have my old (totally not tournament legal) red burn deck. Attack, my raging goblins, attack!


I play a Modern deck right now (7th edition and up). I run a Goblin Death Raider Red/Black Weenie buff style deck. Nothing costs above 3 converted mana individually, so it gets going fairly quickly.

my green white has an amazing mana ramp, so that by turn three, I can play something like wolfir silver heart, and then the turn after drop a bow of nylea, then probably a centaur healer

by turn 5/6 I have just the one GDR but buffed with Fists of the Demigod and Bone Saws if Im in the mood. xD It’s just a jank deck really. lol. I used to have the green in there JUST for ramping but it came out betteer to throw in other red enchantments and such.

I play thant,yugioh and pokemon. current run a tri color rakdos deck

Teach me how to play haha


I do!! I love MTG I’m running a revised theros izzet deck I added the stuff from the born of the gods pack and return to ranvica its awesome today alone I played 6 games!


I love red burn decks. I have one and it’s one of my fav decks. We have tons of decks like that (ie: not tournament legal decks) that are very fun to play. I have an Auroch deck that also gets a lot of play time just for hilarity’s sake.

I just picked up a fat pack some good stuff are in here!