Any Competitive MtG Players?

What’s up guys?

I was just wondering if we had any other competitive Magic Players in the house. I’m not talkin’ kitchen table, or FNM. Cut throat competitive. GPs, States, PTQs, I do it all. SO, anyone?

I play MtG but never really took it seriously enough to compete. That and it’s impossible to find any sort of tournaments for anything that isn’t a sport down in Australia.


Not true!

Sidney and Melbourne have a thriving MtG scene.

We’ve got a decent enough FNM scene and the university comp scene isn’t too bad. Problem is, I have to drive about an hour to get to any of these events which just isn’t possible when I’m juggling teaching and tutoring after hours.


I play. I’ve played for 5 years, been to a couple events (pre-releases and such), I’m not too bad now, but I haven’t really competed yet.

I believe in you.

I miss that game. I played back during 3rd Edition. Around the release of Fallen Empires. Never did find that Fungal Bloom. My green weenie deck would have been so much deadlier with it…

I ran a beast Goblin Death Raiders weenie deck for a while…I only did FNM, though, because I think competing seriously is not my style…I want to, but I’m not as good as I can be. II only do serious in TF2, and that’s because I only do serious when I’m Angry or Depressed. And because when I am serious, I’m a real jerk. So yeah, there you go. I love MTG, though. I loved my GDR abuse deck.

I spent months tweaking and tuning a black and white type 2 deck. I could plop down a Baron Sengir in two turns on the right draw. I played on “private” online servers a few years back before wotc shit them down. This was around the time affinity and slivers came out. I really liked affinity decks for the speed but they’re pretty one dimensional.

I came around Shadowmoor, But I have cards from the first set, and Onslaught…lol

Affinity single handidly broke the Type-2 format. It was one of the worst formats ever when Affinity was around, just because you either played affinity or lost.

I have an amazing red dragon deck. But I don’t go into big competitions

i just started playing about this time last year. i only play table top and pre-releases. not too bad i havnt been buying as many cars since I’ve started yoyoing tho.

I don’t doubt it. There were a lot of cards in that set that would have been restricted back in my day. Playing straight affinity decks bored me anyway.

Slivers were a bit much, too, but at least you could be clever with them.

Slivers is seen as reeeeeaally gimmicky nowadays. I can’t really talk, my tourney deck in Standard at the moment is Red Deck Wins

I’ve always enjoyed token weenie decks. Of course, I was broke when I played so I had to make do with a lot of commons. My most reliable strategy against more powerful decks was to swarm with disposables and have lots of land and mana production. I sometimes banded tokens for the sake of dealing damage how I chose. Drive people crazy with it.

The biggest gimmick ever was channel/fireball. We banned that from our group before wotc banned it from tourney play. A guy we knew who knew better showed up and played it in a three way match, then had the balls to fork it on me. We almost came to blows.

What’s the premise of red deck wins?

It’s basically just goblins but in standard. A bunch of really cheap guys to try and overrun you, and then once you get your creatures (normally a little beefier than my 2/2’s and 3/3’s) I just finish it off with some burn to the face.

If I’m not playing competitive standard, I’m usually playing a really junky Green Blue Self Mill deck that I love to bits.

This brings me back. To answer your question: no. Only competed once, and came out middling.

Lived in a city in Mexico for two years, the first in a house with 4 other guys. 2 of those 4 were sufficiently geeky (like me) to already enjoy MtG. Even though the other 2 wouldn’t have been likely to play “back home”, they got sucked in and one became obsessed! So the 5 of us would play… a LOT. We kept our own uncommon and rares, and pooled all the commons in order to create decks.

Never had so much fun. This was all fairly early days… they were into maybe their 4th … expansion?.. since 2nd ed came out. I don’t remember for sure which editions were out at that point.

Tended to play a lot of Goblin, and green weenie, and fast black decks. I liked the risk of hitting fast (if not hard) and trying to win decisively in early hands. I didn’t mind that if it failed (unlucky draws) I just got crushed. :wink:

That is all.

I favor control sometimes, but in this new standard, Aggro is where it’s at. They’ve really upped the power of creatures lately.

They just printed a (4)G 5/3 that gains you 5 life when it enters AND a 3/3 token when it leaves. That’s the thing that makes playing aggro REALLY REALLY hard anymore.

That’s a ridiculous cc for a card like that. Might as well play I WIN if they’re going to start doing that all the time.