Any Competitive MtG Players?

(Q) #21

I know! It makes it tough to play aggro, but it’s become the new standard for what aggro decks have to beat.

Without that card (Thragtusk, by the way) aggro would be hard to beat.

(Waylon) #22

Does that conversion to a 3/3 token persist through effects that remove the card from the game?


I hate Swarm goblin decks…Those are so cheap, even cheaper than my Goblin Death Raider weenie deck, I swear. My deck was, Not standard, mind you, 1 playset of GDR, One playset of Fists of the demigod, 1 playset of Bonesaws, Playset of Lightning Bolts, playset of gravepurges. Playset of gravediggers. Playset of Grave Scrabblers. Playset of Sign in Blood. Playset of Abandon Hopes. Playset of Lust for wars.
Then 11swamps, and 9 mountians

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If it leaves play for ANY reason.
If you unsummon it, 3/3 token.
If you exile it, 3/3 token.
IT dies? 3/3 Token.

It’s an amazing card, but it sees to dang much play. The format has been warped into “Why aren’t you playing Thragtusk in this? Splash green for it!” I’ve even been told to do so in my MONO RED AGGRO deck. People have talked about its ban, but I don’t see that happening. If it did get the ax, aggro would just be the nuts.


I am so lost right now. But other than that, the game looks and sounds like it is pretty cool. I would play if anyone in my area did :-.

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You can always download Duels of the Planeswalkers on your PC or Xbox. It’s a game to introduce you to the basic fundamentals of magic, and from there you can build decks and whatnot. It even allows you to play against other people. I’ve never played it because I love paper magic, but I did play on Magic Online when I lived with my parents, that was always fun. The tournaments are super on MO.


That is just ridiculously overpowered. What on earth were WotC thinking…


(Q) #28

It’s a LOOOOONG story.

If you were playing towards the end of last standard season (Where the legal sets were Mirrodin Besieged, Scars of Mirrodin, New Phyrexia, Avacyn Restored, Dark Acsension, Innistrad and M12) you would see the rise of a deck called Delver. The delver deck revolved around three main cards.

Delver of Secrets

Snapcaster Mage

Geist of Saint Traft

These three cards were supported by:
Draw engines

And just straight up tempo cards.

Note the synergy between Snapcaster Mage and Ponder, Gitaxian Probe, and Vapor Snag.

Usually, cards like Vapor Snag would be mediocre at best, and probably wouldn’t see much play, but the fact that you can get soooo much added value from it through Snapcaster, that it’s worth jamming 4 into a deck. With so much draw, the deck was super consitent, threat heavy, and downright oppressive.

Now, with a deck like Delver in the format, people stopped playing. They knew that it was getting to the point that you couldn’t beat Delver, so why bother? People don’t wanna build the best deck, they wanna build THEIR deck. So, in order to combat Delver, Wizards decided to print something that couldn’t easily fall victim to Vapor Snag.

So they decided to make Thragtusk in M13.

It didn’t make that big of a splash at first, because Delver could still deal with it. But with the rotation of M12, Scars, Phyrexia, and Besieged, the delver deck lost a lot of it’s good stuff.

For the first 4-5 weeks of “New Standard”, nobody really knows what to play. But soon after that, the format degenerated into a Thragfest, people jamming 4 of them in a deck.

The thing that really sucks about Thragtusk is that it’s one green, so it’s an easy splash, it’s affects on the game are good in ANY deck, and it’s a beefy enough body to HAVE to be dealt with. It has single handedly warped the format into “Decks that play Thragtusk” or “Decks that can Deal with Thragtusk”.

That being said. This is still one of my favorite formats for a long time. It’s seriously a deck builder’s paradise.


Okay, got a new Standard deck ready.
White/Black Mostly Human Exalted deck. Looks like it’ll work nicely, so I’m going to test it out at college in Spring. I might do FNM to test it out. I want to use it to whoop some booty! And its mostly is jank…love it! I think only three rares at most. It’s very fast, too. Got the M13 fat pack, and got all the cards I needed to work it…so happy. Love it. Oh, and BUMP!

(Q) #30

If you want a Sahweet deck to play on the cheap, all in green is awesome.


I tried…I usually hate green, sadly.
And the new deck I have, most of the creatures are four cc or less. its very fast. and for exalted, that’s good.

(Q) #32

The only thing I don’t like about exalted is that it’s very… bad. Swinging with one creature can screw you over more times than not.


There’s a reason it has black…lol, Knight of Infamy is my main 2/2 to use…it’s Pro-white, and I use doomblades to help out. The great thing about two costers, is they are quick…the whole deck is as fast as my GDR deck. I’m fairly in love with it. Life gain helps, too. I have some ways around the only one creature thing. It’s just that Exalted is the main hook, that’s all. I play tested it. It’s really good against my near perfect Weenie GDR deck, which I have killed peeps in 4 turns with on average. I’d say it’s fine, but that’s me.

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I found a place to play online for free. Apparently it’s above the board, too.

(Q) #35


The only problem is that a lot of people ae just complete jerks

(Waylon) #36

I played a game today with a super nice guy. He was very helpful. I threw together a rdw deck. He smoked me with some black/white/green deal.

(Q) #37

What format were you playing?

(Waylon) #38

Modern. He played a lot of discards and small creatures.

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Uuuuhg. Modern. Such a weird format.

(Waylon) #40

I don’t know the difference between standard and modern. When I played we had type 1, type 2, and type 1.5.