I was just wondering if anyone likes Yu-Gi-Oh the trading card game and if anyone collects them or goes to any tournaments.

I do. I play/collect. I actually just entered my first tourney today and lost miserably. But it was a fun experience, so I’m not unhappy. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a scrub, I just don’t have a great deck at the moment).

Anyway, yes, you are not the only one.

Are you on TCGPlayer?

I used to play a lot and entered local tournaments almost weekly and I was pretty good (second place was my personal best) One day I was playing test hands and realized how boring this was and how much I hated the cookie cutter Metagame so I quit. I Traded all my rares except the ones I used in my Gravekeeper Deck for more yoyos and got back into yoyoing again. Every once in a while I’ll play Gravekeeper against my friends but I have more fun playing with my friends who have old cards and not the new ones.

I am entering my first ever local tournament on Sunday so if you guys can give some advice, that would be nice. Thx :smiley:

I used to play a while back. Not any moe though. Maybe I should get back into it. The only problem is that none of my friends play and I got rid of my cards.

Have fun don’t worry about things like the metagame because thats what makes it boring. Also don’t not play decks you like because they aren’t the best. If the top decks aren’t fun to play with then dont play with them.

Have a good side deck or you will get creamed.

I don’t really know much about the tournament so if you could explain what a metagame is, that would be great. I don’t use side decks either and I don’t know how they work so explaining that would also help. Thx ;D

Pure zombie deck, crystal beast swamp deck, all normal power, those are my decks and probably in the order that i play them as well. I tend to buy all singles to for a max of maybe 9 or 10 different cards in the deck that way you draw cards you really need for the open hand. Also balance is key. for a 40 card setup i will run 10 trap 10 magic and 20 monster. MTG is also one of my favorites and a little bit more spread as far as tactics and whatnot, also much harder too.

You’re clearly not ready to enter tournaments at this point.

The meta is the most popular decks that are being run at the moment. The “meta” refers to any or all of these decks. The current meta cosnists of the following: (This is not 100% accurate)

Top tier (Tier 1, or best of the best decks):
Dino Rabbit

Tier 1.5: (Really good decks, that just aren’t quite as good as those above)
Skill Drain HERO’s
Bubbleman HERO’s
Other Hero variants
Six Samurai’s
Chaos Dragons
Disaster Dragons’s
Lightsworn (some builds are tier 2)
Chain Burn

Tier 2: (decks that just aren’t as good as they used to be, but are still better than other decks)
Lightsworn (some builds are tier 1.5)
Skill Drain (regular)
Mist Valley Ninjas
Other Ninja variants

I’m probably forgetting some. The following are some decks that you probably won’t see much of, but are still somewhat relevant:
Worms/Chaos Worms
Mist Valley synchro
Gladiator Beasts

The following are some decks that you will see soon enough, once Galactic Overlord is released:
Hieratics (Tier 1.5-1)
Lightrays (Tier ???)
Chain Burn (might see more play with Cardcar D)

A side deck is a set of 15 cards that you can swap in and out of your deck between rounds to give you an advantage over the deck your opponent is using. it is important to understand what is being played in the meta to make this effective. I cannot stress how important the side deck is, especially in this format. And it is very important to become familiar with the decks you will be up against, the meta decks, before you even think about entering a tournament (or you will lose miserably).

Some common side deck cards are:
-D.D. Crow
-Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
-Macro Cosmos/Dimensional Fissure
-Neko Mane King
-Chain Disappearance
-Bottomless Trap Hole
-Trap Hole (in some cases)
-Mystical Space Typhoon (if two are already in the main deck)
-Effect Veiler (depending on how many are run in the main deck)
-Super Polymerization (if going against HERO’s)
-Gozen Match
-Rivalry of Warlords

Those are just some examples. It’s important to know why a card should be sided, and how it will effect the deck you’re siding against it. One of the best ways to do this is to familiarize yourself with the metagame. Because if you don’t know what to side, your side will be useless and you will be at a significant disadvantage.

The types of tournaments depend on the location the tournament is being held at. Ask one of the judges or proprietors of the tournament for information on how it works.

Balance is extremely important too. But it’s also important to know what a good balance for your specific deck is. In some decks, 25-28 monsters won’t be good. But in Lightsworn’s or Frog variants, that’s perfectly fine. For other decks, very few monsters should be run. It’s all about knowing what works and what doesn’t work, and why it works, and how to make it work better.

Also grave keepers are eternaly stuck at tier 1.5 and are a great way to get into the meta. But like I said its a game and is ment to be fun. If you can have fun using a dark magician deck who am I to stop you from running dark magicians.

I used to play, (like 4 years ago) but then i just kinda stopped because most of my friends did…then about a year ago I discovered Magic: The Gathering ;D

Lol, swarm with Blackwings. They’re fun and effective to use. Also, you should try the old school Frog Monarch.

I was a worm player i loved the way they ran but would get wrecked by gtavekeepers field card i dont like the new xyz format at all its dumb