anyone plays yugioh competitively?

anyone plays competitively,like plays meta,follows banlist,etc
I run chaos agents,and used to run wind-ups

I use to back in the day- like 2003/2004

Haven’t played since then, but boy oh boy I have a ton of cards

do you have the card black luster soldier envoy of the begining its not blue I’ll trade you a yoyo for it

I tried playing non-competitively for a little while, but the rules of engagement seemed less flexible (ie. less room for creating custom strategies) and more luck-dependent compared to Magic: The Gathering. It seemed too easy to brute-force a victory instead of finessing one.

But I didn’t play nearly enough to say that with absolute conviction; that’s just the impression I had.

I agree with this. I’ve been playing magic for about a year or so now, and some of the guys I play with wanted to see how yugioh’s changed. So we’ve been playing it for a few weeks (I’m using a six samurai deck, my friend uses atlanteans, and the other guy uses frogs) and I’ve gotta say, while it is definitely fun, I prefer magic. I’ve OTKed more than once with my six sams, and there doesn’t seem to be as much strategy involved in winning. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still some pretty insane combos you can pull off, and I’m not in any way trying to bash the game. I haven’t watched any pro tournaments or anything, so I’m not sure how they play at that level, but just from my own experience, magic has more complexity and allows for more variation in play styles.

Although I don’t mind not getting mana screwed… :stuck_out_tongue:

one of the reasons magic is so complex is age and the way its played, yugioh is kinda young in the card game spectrum and the current way the game is played is perfect for 10 minutes of play, but back in the goat format it was pretty long back then imo lol, but the guys that make the cards either make them too slow to use or broken and fast. But mainly it is what alot of fans want easy=fast=fun to some people. Also the use of archetypes makes the game very simple but thats due to the target audience is so (inset word that means 9 year olds and 18+ olds are the target spectrums) that for their yong audiece they have to make it simple to make a deck and make the cards be able to be splashable in other decks sometime for the older peeps but thats just my opinion 11 years strong in the game lol form legend of blue eyes and on!

I used to play up until midway through last year. The only deck I liked to run was Monarchs, because unlike many other decks out at the time, you had a lot of choice and thought you needed to put into each play. Once Treeborn Frog got restricted I kinda quit. I played Fairies for a bit though. I actually want to get back in for the fun of it.

Mah bro used to, but know he does Magic.

I actually had tht card. Sold it to a store last year :slight_smile:

Used to be a huge MTG player when I was at high school and when Yugioh first came out I figured I’d give it a shot. I agree with what some other people have already said. It’s fun to play but it lacks the strategic and tactical depth of MTG, at least at the casual level.