Yugioh comic (involving yoyos)

For those that have only associate Yugioh with the cards, it’s more than that. The comics had little to do with the cards,and centered around Yugi, and how he was the king of games. I linked a chapter in the book below where they use yoyos to fight a gang (that also uses yoyos). Pretty awesome.

EDIT: Just realized that the story arc is two chapters.

Yovega Fireboy

I wonder what that means ::slight_smile:

Wow, I didn’t know anyone still played with yugioh cards. But anyways that’s a pretty cool find.

I went to a tournament yesterday, won half of my matches so I came out ok. But the comics are WAY better than the anime. The anime was just about the cards which is stupid in my opinion.

I remember reading this chapter!

I don’t know but I’m pretty sure it’s based off of the Yomega Fireball.

Actually I play and so do loads of other people in the world.  There’s actually loads of championships (nationals, worlds, etc…) and I think there’s more yugioh competitions/contests than yoyoing ones based on around the world because there are tournaments everywhere.

Oh, I thought that because no one where I live talks about it.

Youve been promoted to Captain, Obvious.

I totally thought it was a Glacier Express until he pointed it out.


i have a print copy on hand. from shonen jump.

interested buyers lol?

I’ve got it too, but I don’t want to sell it =D

Ah… when SJ was in print :-[

you kind of have to be in the circle to hear people talk about it, like most hobbies. Most people don’t think anyone yoyos anymore, but we know that’s not true. I’d say yugioh is a little less popular than mtg, but not by much.

Roger that, General!  Oh wait… what did you say?

Btw for those who are wondering if yugioh is really that popular then take a look at the official website (http://www.yugioh-card.com/) and YouTube as well.  ;D

Deck building games have too much luck involved, as well as the need to buy cards to do well.

with a good deck, there’s not a lot of luck involved. You generally have 3-4x whatever cards are vital to your strategy, so the likely hood of drawing them in a game is pretty high. Buying cards though, that’s a given. To do well with just about any hobby you’ll have to put some money into it.
But to do decently in casual play a lot of tcgs don’t require much. like you would be fine with mtg dropping $20 on an event deck, then another 5-10 on sleeves and a deck box. I haven’t been into yugioh for almost 10 years though so I don’t really know how that is today.

too much quoting! :wink: I’m an avid player of the game. It’s actually quite fun, but has the unfortunate drawback of getting pricey at times. Of course, yoyoing has the same problem.