Selling Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

I will also accept yoyos or any material items, etc.

These are no mean the best of my collection, if you’re looking for a card, ask, and I may have it. I have a few thousand.

Here are some pictures of a select few (not the best, nor the worst)

You can also ask for type decks, if you know a card that isn’t the brand new kinds, I probably have it.

REALLY don’t want these, ask any friends you know…

I agree with the post above.

I feel like I should be the one to point out that we all play with yoyos…
I mean, who cares if the boy liked a card game, WE PLAY WITH YOYOS (Sorry Mitch)
On the immaturity ladder, we are up there with “That’s what she said” for crepes sakes. In my opinion, Yu-gi-oh cards are more pimpin’ than yoyos, at least there’s some imaginary violence in that card game. :wink:
And no, I am not bashing yoyoists, because I am one.

Stop quoting the bad stuff guys. Makes my job really difficult, and it just turns the one instance of the word into like 10. No more kage-bushin’s of the bad words. (10 points to whoever gets that reference).


These are my brothers cards, I’m trying to get them off of his hands. I think I’ll remove it due to the fact that most have seen it and apperently nobody is interested.

Sorry if I’ve caused you an eyesore of types, I’m just trying to help a guy out. I’m not forcing you to observe this thread. I am not trying to aggrevate anyone through this, and now, after a week of nothing, I shall lock this thread.

I had no idea YYE had points…