The Yu-Gi-Oh Thread.

I’m a collector , I don’t duel much.
But , on weekends I go to The Next Level Games in Rivergate , TN to play in tournaments.
I hope a bunch of you are into Yu-Gi-Oh.

If anybody has these cards , I would be intrested in purchasing (must be mint condition)

p.s. they cannot be common.
p.p.s. I know I said that I live near a game shop , but they usually don’t have the cards i’m looking for.But it’s okay :slight_smile:

Black Luster Solider : Any Rarity
Dark Magician : Jump Edition
Obelisk The Tormentor : Jump Edition
Graceful Charity : Any Rarity
Ring Of Destruction : Secret Rare
Crush Card Virus : Any Rare
Summoned Skull : Jump Edition
Jinzo : Jump Edition
Cyber Ogre 2 : Any Rarity
Insect Queen : Secret Rare
Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer : Any Rarity


clears throat


I have some off those cards when I use to collect.

I used to be really into it, I sold all of my cards though. At the time my binder was worth hundreds, possible thousands. I let it go to a friend for just a fraction of the value.

I for one, am proud to say that I HAVE NEVER OWNED A YU-GI-OH CARD IN MY LIFE!

I’m sorry, but you sir, are trolling. first you hate on bronies, then you hate on yu-gi-oh!. now, please, we shall love and tolerate you untill you be nice. good night. may as well welcome you to the herd, no matter what, you wil join. so, stop griffin’ and be nice for a change. thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve played many a tcg, and I think it MTG is still the most stable and well produced. Not only is it practically the only thing WoTC cares about so it gets lots of attention, but it’s been much more time tested.

In response to the actual post, you’d have much better luck on a differant forum. I’m sure there are tons of card trading forums out there (i’ve seen them). So i’d google search some of those and try there.

dude,stop trollin

i have a dark magician though i have no idea if its a jump edition lol

Goodbye then! Have a nice trip!


nemo reference anyone?

good…you annoy me

ahem… the thread… people…


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