Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

I have some old Yu-Gi-Oh cards that just collect dust for me and I want to sell them so I can get some money. There are exactly 684 cards total in these two tins, there is 235 in the brown square one and 449 in the green one. I will take cash(Don’t know how to use paypal :P), no paypal please. I guess you guys just ship the money in cash for it; I’ve never done one of these sale things over the internet… So, in the cards, there are some pretty good ones. A lot of Japanese writing ones, and a good many of the ones with a lot of those orange star-thingies. Yeah, I don’t know anything about yu-gi-oh, I just bought them from my friend so I could sell them. Hehe. But that friend tells me I have a lot of good ones in here. Just PM me if you want more information… or you want to buy! :wink: Just offer up… or I will take some yoyos. Yoyos:

PGM(The most wanted)


PGM would be nice. Green and black or white. Just not blue and yellow.~cough~ green and black!~cough~

No need for double posting, especially an hour later.

Mmmmkay. You wanta buy cards? :smiley:

I doubt you’ll sell them. These days kids nor adults play Yu-Gi-oh anymore.

I was thinking the same thing… well it’s worth a shot. Besides, the PGM… let’s see, a PGM is $30, so yu gi oh cards are $3.00 for 10, so they would be $204 right now, and used, so, maybe half off, $102! That’s enough for 3 PGM’s. Hehe, good times, back in the days of school and math… oh no! School starts back in less than 1.5 months! :cry:

P.S.-You guys are so supportive! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes yes they are
I don’t play cards anymore but I bet I have about 1500 cards collecting dust

here it starts next thursday

When did you guys get out? I got out of school June 5th.

I got out on June 19.