Trading Card Games

Does anyone play any of these?

I play Yugioh, and I recently started playing Cardfisght!! Vanguard.

I’ve become very interested in CFVanguard recently.

Anyone play any TCGs? Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, VS., World of Warcraft, (gulp) Redakai, Yugioh, Vanguard, etc.

I dont, but I have a bunch of yugioh and pokemon cards I want to get rid of…

If you want to send them to me, that would be awesome. I can PM you my address if you want. If not, that’s cool too, but I would appreciate it.

Either way, thanks for your response.

I just got out of yugioh I don’t like the autopilot strategies of today’s meta. I sold a lot of my rare cards but if anyone wants to buy a first ed trishula, I’ll sell it just pm me and we can talk pricing.

Pretty sure Trish is getting banned this coming format (March 1st), so it won’t be worth much.

Thanks for the info ill try to sell it before then.

I love that one…
Yah I play magic.

used to play pkemon not too long ago. might wanna get rid of this arceus reverse, zoroark, etc

I kinda ment selling them…

If that’s the case, I’d have to know what they are (at least what the holo’s are), or at least how many there are. And then work out a price for all of them, or just the ones I would want.


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People are still doing those trading card games? I’m surprised, I haven’t seen people play those games in a while, haha.

Still? It’s not like they ever stopped. They’ve only increased in popularity.

I started playing Magic the Gathering a few months ago. I think it is the best TCG ever! It combines elements from Pokemon, Yugioh, and W.o.W. It’s kind of expensive, but worth it.

If you want a good place to buy just about any kind of TCG, try this website:

Magic is older than every game you just named, lol.

I play Magic a little, mostly just with my friends, but I enjoy the occasional draft. My preferred colors are red/white and blue/white (control).

I have chaotic cards,pokemon and i think i lost some yugioh cards and maybe some more cards


Magic is older than every game you just named, lol.

Yeah I know… I just started Magic though but Ive been playing yugioh and pokemon for years(: Magic has been around 4ever!!

What card game cards should i buy.

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What do you mean? Buy whatever you want to play.

If you’re gonna go with Yugioh, don’t buy packs. Either buy boxes or individual cards. Or buy structure decks.