LF Yugioh players that play in tournsments :)


Hey what’s up guys one been here a while
and I love yoyos and tycoon cards
and I assumed there b someone else out there with the
same interest

the decks I own

wind ups
dyno rabbit
dark worlds
grave keepers

I’m looking to trade some high end cards for throws
or just shoot the breeze with someone who knows
about playing the game


Grave keepers rock! They’re so simple to use, they were.my first deck. Worms are also dead simple.


haha i used to play.

cossy registered any everything! going to local turnys and sneak peeks ^^

i used to be a anti meta player.

mainly played stun gadgets and a stun variant of faeries.

i like shutting down all the big decks haha. i quit before they changed the prio ruling.
didnt like XYZ or exceeds… thought it was too far with syncors already…

but i do guess… if i play again… it would be way fun cuz of the new ruling.

do you play on duleing network? im on there sometimes xD.


ill trade you for a new deck~ lol


I still play. My deck isn’t very good.

(Cerulean) #6

Man, I used to be HUGE into yugioh. I mostly ran anti-meta stun but I also ran Sychro Cat when it was the best deck. The game just got too expensive for me ($200 tour guides, really) and I quit.


hahaha Krazyatt you asked me if I had any of those i didnt know they were worth that much. I don’t have one though.