Yugioh corner!!!

This is a yugioh corner/ discussion page by me
I run masked heros and lightsworns, not lightsworn rulers because I don’t have money.

I haven’t kept up to date with Yugioh but my favorite deck is a zombie/fiend cross with the vampire castle field card.

Anti-meta Garden Chain Beat; Seriously, w/o sidedecking, it’s hard to lose 1st round.

I’m not a big fan of some of the newer deck mod. card types but I like to play a deck of classics–a few heavy-hitters and a focus on LP continuous restores and enemy nerf traps.

I have a light sworn deck and a sphinx deck

dang you guys are WAY over my head, I’ve never heard half those terms, I guess I’m just too old school. Basic monster cards with spells, traps, magic cards and maybe a field card is all I’ve ever known besides basic fusions and stuff.