Yu gi oh anyone?


Ive been watching the show since i was very little and recently decided to get into the card game. Any one else play?

i have a 57 card six samurai deck with other warriors and supposedly im really good for 2 weeks! :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s the card limit on a deck in YuGiOh? 40?

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Dude, go on duelingnetwork.com
You have to. Oh gosh.
Its yugioh galore. I love it :slight_smile:
If you can get an account etc
And learn how to use the site, you and I need to duel


Im pretty sure 40 is the minimum and 60 is the maximum. Havent played in ages :smiley:


I used to be super hardcore… But $700 dollars later I decided to get out of the tournament scene… It had consumed my life all my free time was yugioh…I was either playing, buying cards, trading cards, playing one of the videogames, playing dueling network, playing by myself, or reorganizing my cards…

I Traded most of my rare cards for a friend of mine’s whole yoyo collection, It was a fair deal for both of us, shows you how much Money I had sunk into cards and got back into yo-yoing. I still have one deck (gravekeepers) it was my favorite, though not my best. I still debate on going to a tournament, but I don’t want to get sucked in again. Plus I don’t know much about today’s metagame so I would probably lose…


I’m a hardcoreplayer I use psychic grandsoil,mermails,and thunder family
my nameon dn is thebrokeygoduelist add me and you want to stick around the 40-45 card amount for consistancy


I run an infernity deck, typical 40 card deck 15 side deck. I also have an unfinished six samurai deck, and I’m planning on making another deck but I can’t decide which type to build next.


due to the new ban list predictions and the fact bear is being reprinted any axis fire fist is good I just made a 3/4 axis fire fist


I used to play a lot, then I gave all my about 700 cards to my best friend just this last summer, but that stuff was fun! I used to have almost every single special card, I think they were called “legendary” cards but I might be wrong. I also had a lot to synchros.