Hello! I’m reallying into the game Hearthstone, and I started this topic for anyone wants to friend and play against eachother, or talk about decks or arena run tips, etc. So if anyone wants to add eachother and play let me know either on here or pm!

Quick side note/suggestion: you should get into magic the gathering it is slightly more popular (12m players), is almost exactly the same and there is already a thread about it floating about in the forum

Yeah no dude, I’ve spent like, hundereds of dollars on MTG. XD You should see my BST I have like, I think maybe a 1000+ mtg cards for sale. XD Thanks for letting me know anyway though. Hearthstone is like magic but easier, and I find a little funner just because it’s still a new system so there’s not 1000 an 1000 of cards to know or mess with. XP I still like MTG a lot though.

Yeah haha magic is addicting I pour too much into it, but good to know your into it