Any fellow cat owners?


I saw a cute t-shirt that said: “Dogs have owners, Cats have staff.” Nailed it!


My girl Penny. Rescue kitty. Someone left her in a pet carrier across the street from my ex girlfriend’s parents’ house.


You’re an angel! What a beautiful kitty!


Jinx is finally making her internet debut! Loves mischief, catnip, and cuddling up at bed time to be pet.


I love cats! Anyone reading this - check out “A Dog’s Way Home” (movie) because there’s lots of stuff for cat lovers. I bawled a bunch of times.

(Victorian YoYos) #48

Jinx is a big cat… like mine :smiley:


Jinx looks like one very cool dude indeed!


ok first of all ■■■■ cats


Previous post, 2012. That is quite an entrance, my dude


and second of all…

(Jacob Waugh) #53

My neighbor’s cat comes over and sleeps on my porch swing every day, one time I left my Vanguard on the swing (forgot she was there) and she unravelled he yoyo and started eating the string (I got it out) and knocked the vanguard off the swing, now there is missing ano.


At least you know there was no malice involved. The cat was just curious. Sorry for the damage.

(Jacob Waugh) #55

lol, it is still dead smooth, I was more worried that the cat had swallowed string.


Yikes. Hopefully the cat is fine and as for you - no more leaving yoyos on porch swings or anywhere out of doors.

(Jacob Waugh) #57

Yup! lol, I wasn’t that far away from the yoyo (like, 5-10 feet) but I still should’ve been more cautious, now I have a yoyo holder though so it is harder for the cat to get at them when im practicing outside.

(Gregory Braun) #58

Too old to be interested in, or in fact aware of, yo-yos.

(Jolien Tomme) #59

I own 4 cats, Nala , Doodle, Garfield and Jigo.
Whenever they are fighting or are acting bad towards each other, I say ’ don’t make me get my yo-yo! ’
Works everytime! !

Jigo on my back

Next is Doodle

This is Nala.
And Garfield … well, can’t find a pic right now, but he’s a ginger colored cat :slight_smile:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Im guessing they are afraid of the yoyo? My cat has this habit of laying down right where I want to yoyo, and because I don’t want to ding my yoyo on the cat, I usually have to just wait for her to move. My cat likes spinning objects attached with string, lol

I love how Garfield cant be bothered to show up for picture taking :smiley:

(Jolien Tomme) #62

If they behave bad, it is enough to gently let the yo-yo swing and touch their but. Never hurt them. But they are not that playful, if I yo-yo , the cats keep a save distance !
I must say, I am a dangerous one when having a yo-yo in my hand :slight_smile:
Yo-yo Warrior!

I don’t have a pic right now, but if i found one, I show you guys what Gary (that’s his nickname) look like.