As the title says tell us about any pets that you have, share photos or anything that you wish for your pet. I don’t know if a thread like this exists,but I figured that this would be fun to tell.

I have a white German shepherd terrier mix. She is three years old, And I love her to death! ;D She is always happy. Pics below:

I have a three-year-old dog named, Queenie. We know she is part border-collie but we have know idea what other part(s) she has, but she is definitely a mix. We like to say she is part border-collie and part moron because she will just go randomly nuts sometimes.
I also have four cats. Pip, Pop, Oreo, and Tiger. Pip and Pop get along, but the other two are arch-enemies.
We have had several fish, a newt, and some other things for a period of time, but those five pets are the only lasting ones.

I just adopted a 9 month old cat named Princess. I’ll post pictures later, but she is a white with large grey patches domestic short hair. She’s a massive brat and we love her to death.

My family has always had cats, my mom and dad actually kept the whole litter the cat they adopted put out, so they have 6 black cats now.

I used to have a pair of rats, and they were the best pets anyone could hope to have. But I had to move and the place I live now is a rat free zone and it would be against customs regulations to bring them in. Though they allow guinea pigs, rabbits, and mice, but no rats ??? I gave my rats up for adoption to the humane society at my previous hometown.

Now I got a dog which I adopted a few months ago, and it turns out he loves to play fetch, no training required he just likes to run after something and bring it right back to me. He has his challenges, like learning to not poo in the house. Some how he has got it in his head that its okay to go to the bathroom in my parents’ room and not in mine.