Pets you have...

2 jack russel terrier and a sun conure bird

Have more than 10 fish in our tank.

Cat, dog, four horses. We had more, but a hawk got our kitty.

did you like that cat

What kind of question is that? Of course I did.

Edit: Abby. She was the sweetest thing:

And here’s Meridian. He’s older than me, would you believe:

Maddock. Just came in from rolling around, so he was a touch messy:

Might get some shots of the horses. They are Acadia, Sonia Poco, Desiree, and Nova.

2 American Bulldogs

ok sad lost then

what type of dog is that

1 yorkie, 2 Siamese cats, 1 leopard gecko.

5 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 2 Tricolours, 3 brown and white. They are pretty much family.

I got 2 pugs. They hate my yoyos. They hate my laptop. They hate anything that prevents them from getting in my lap.

Both have unfortunately gotten popped in the head by a yoyo. They seem to want to come crashing through at JUST the wrong time. I’ll maybe post a photo tomorrow. I have to move some other stuff anyways, so good excuse to do other stuff at the same time.

Awww I’m sorry Patrick! :-[
I like your horses.

Hmm my list is very long…2 dogs, 9 cats, 1 horse, 1 pig, lots of fish, plus lots of chickens and goats but I don’t really consider those to be “pets.”



My kitten Dimitri

Dallas (and Dad…)

2 dogs

well, my dog… who really belongs to my mother, is a boarder collie, springer spaniel mix…

but since im leaving home, i want to get a dog of my own… any specific breed reccomendati0ns?

I got a dog called Kane and I used to have a spider called Fred, but when I left my g/f I left him behind too :frowning:

Two dogs (Elvis and Priscilla) and my sisters two cats (Sunny and Kishiru).

4 crested geckos, 2 chickens, 2 cats.

i cat named spirit

my cat “daisy” and my dog “goose”

and my Chinchilla Yoshimitsu (yoshi for short)