Small pets?


I have two rats, named Cheech and Chong. They are too cool. The wrestle an its adorable.

1 of my dogs is a pug and my other 4 are chugs (chug/pugs). Do they count?

Oh yeah pugs count forsure! I have a pug named Franklin at my fathers house. Hahahaa

Blue fronted amazon parrot :slight_smile:

I have this turtle named franklin.
But its not my pet.
And its not real.
Its on a kids TV show.

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amazons are fun! I worked at a pet store for a while. I raised two eclectus and three blue and gold macaws from eggs! Until they were sold :frowning:

And @croc looool i remember that show! When i was little i watched Franklin, Arthur, and Little Bear.

My little brother watches all three. I watch them with him all the time. I also watched them when i was a kid… Well a younger kid.

I have a salmon pink birdeater (Lasiodora Parahybana). Her name is Lily.

Leopard Gecko, Chinese Dwarf Hamster, and two dogs :slight_smile:

Does keeping fireflies in a jar for a week count until they die and stink? ;D I’m just kidding I don’t have any small pets unless you consider wild bats living in our barn. We find markings on the wood and droppings all over the place of them in our barn.

I had a 7week old kitten for 3 days, then we found out my dad had asthma