Any fellow cat owners?

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My cat Ruby.


I’ve been doing Pet Rescue for 50 years.

I spend thousands a year on Pet related causes.

Here are a few of mine> Baby Pickles. Maggie Baggie. Sammy wearing my Homie Don’t Play That; hat


Petey and Rascal(notice their right ears are clipped)

Sasha… Somebody dumped her in Downtown Los Angeles at night. I was walking through the Bus yard and she walked up to me; outta nowhere. I stopped and she sat down right in front of me. I looked down and said exactly this, ‘Well; you don’t realize it yet. But you just happen to be the luckiest lost cat in Los Angeles at the moment. Would you like to go meet your new family’?
I picked her up and took her back to the shop. I sat her next to my Snapon toolbox and she watched me till the end of my shift. She did not meow. She just sat there. At 10pm; I put her in my truck and she sat shotgun. 45 minutes later; she was getting a bath/flea combed/checked for issues/etc. Taken to the Vet the next morning. Tested/fixed/given her shots/dewormed/etc.
That was 3 years ago. She lays at the foot of the bed every single night. And when I wake up in the morning; she is on the pillow behind my head. Cats never forget kindness. And anybody posting pics in this thread; knows exactly what I mean.


My profile pic


Thnks for sharing that. People often think cats are alloof and cold however things need to be on their terms, which is absolutely fine with me. If you respect them they will respect you and they can be overwhelmingly affectionate!

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Yeah, I find people generally think that, but my experience is just the opposite. My cat will seek me out for a ‘good morning’ pat every morning and always want to be near me when I’m sitting in the couch. Cats are super affectionate.


My boy Rory digging on scritches

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I never owned cats, but I was around them. I found out I was allergic to them (dirty cats) when I was a kid.

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Haha, I’m totally allergic to cats, but that never stopped me.

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And Maybell


This is our cat Stella:


Two cats in our household - one orange and one tortoise.

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Are female ginger cats rare in the US?

My female ginger cat is apparently really rare here.


I don’t know. Ours is male. I do know that something like 99% of tortoises are female - ours is.

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Yeah, that would be the same here too. I’ve never seen a tortoise shell that wasn’t female.


This is because genetics

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Of course it is.


I do not think the principles of genetics are different from one country to another?

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The principals don’t change, but the way the genes have been directed can.

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What? I don’t believe people own cats but that cats own people. Is this a dog food thread? :open_mouth:


Here’s one of my boy Finn.