...and out of nowhere... unexpected yoyo want!


Ever pass on a yoyo so many times thinking, “nah, not for me” or “that one doesn’t suit me at all” (for whatever reason). Many months later, suddenly you just look on a whim, and realize your tastes have changed and that you’re starting to burn for one after all. :wink:

For me it’s the MonkeyfingeR Gelada. I won’t go as far as to say I disliked it, but I just don’t think it did anything for me, for a while. Today I happened to be on MFD’s Facebook, looked at a few of their photos, which prompted me to come look at the Gelada listing here…

Now I’m all, “WHYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyy???” There are still a few GREAT colours left, too. But add that to my short list, and I can’t get’em all!

(incidentally, short list is now:

MFD Gelada
SD Flow
DS Pride (when it comes out; based on prelim info, I want one already, but we’ll see!)
OD Chik (the new One Drop)
G2 Triton
more SPYY in general…

Anybody else get ambushed by a surprise yoyo they thought they didn’t want and then suddenly desired?


This is going to sound strange to most but I felt the same way about the Chief up until a week ago. Now I want one.

I know exactly what you are saying.

(Alex Fairhurst) #3

Not much longer on the prides.

Dan received them from the machine shop two days ago. Awaiting ano now.


Something Angle for some reason. I have never really considered that yoyo and then it just hit me. To bad I’m broke.


There’s just sOMEThING about it, hmm?

hahaha. Sorry, I had to. ;D


U trade?

As fr me sine // saw


Chik is a great great yoyo. Trust me you want one…
Most of the new one drops out are on my wants. Picked up a triton, should be here soon. But other than that I haven’t wanted too much other than some impulse off looks


Me too. I was looking at the AC and then decided to look at the Chief and then suddenly wanted one.


protostar, dm2, Chief…


Yeah 3! The picture when you see it is the black one, which I don’t like the look of for some reason. Once I actually clicked on it (about a month later) I loved it!


yes I though I was the only one ;D


It may sound odd, but I really want a Walter. I’ve always thrown nice, standard 1A and have enjoyed it. The more I get into regens, though, the more I want a responsive throw made for them!


For the longest time I’ve hated full sized throws. Now I want a Burnside incredibly bad, and a Capless.


I suddenly wanted every newer REC REV Model :o
Like the:
Silly Goose
Frequent Wave(I know this one isnt new)
I also all of a sudden want a Pink Trigger ever since I saw one of Shadowz videos. It looks so cool that I think I’ll order one tonight…


Cool. Just end up getting something you KNOW you’ll love.


No. Sorry


im over here like…

spyy pistolero
yyf new prostar
G2 triton
yyf G5. I miss my g5 so much

I was gunna get a prostar but now they got the new one so I was all like “yo!” hahahaa


I was that way with the crucial a la mode. was it just passed it by. tried it passed it by. then i get a trade offer to own one and Im not looking back and regret waiting till now


What the heck, Greg? I just unexpectedly bought a Revenger. That meets the “more SPYY” part of my shortlist… :wink:


It’s happened, but it’s usually the exact opposite that happens to me