Amplified Return Tops - Official News


Excited about that new design. Want one asap! :slight_smile:

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Me too! Prototypes are finally coming in.

#sorry4thewait #datnewnew


Yes!!! Let me know when they are available please :)!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Should I share more photos next week?

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Yes, please share more photos!


Do it!!! All the spoilers :smiley:

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This Saturday, it’s going :arrow_down: in the 4 corners area. Be there or be square… :smiley:

(SPOILER ALERT- someone’s gonna win a new ART Ovation prototype) :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:

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Hope everyone’s 4th was lit. :boom: (and safe)

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Two days removed from worlds, and it’s still impossible to quantify what an amazing time it was. I had a great time meeting and trading tricks with all of you. I’d like to congratulate every competitor and thank anyone who played a part in organizing or staffing the event. Also, big ups to anyone who asked me to try the ovation prototype. Worlds was excellent. What more can I say?


Thanks for letting me try the Ovation. I definitely enjoyed it. Specifically, I loved the shape.

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Team annoucnments coming next week!

For now, enjoy this beautiful team edition Shout photo. Stay tuned.


!!! I think I know who it is 8) :-X :slight_smile:

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Which one?


Maaan i want a shout so bad!! Sickest shape. Diggin this company.


Plot twist! It’s me! I’m your friendly neighborhood ART creative director ::slight_smile:

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Plot twist -> It’s actually Dalton Dunn! He’s one smooth criminal, all action, all the time. His style is energetic yet effortless. He’s has a ton of enthusiasm for throwing and shows great potential.

Some fun facts:

Country: USA

Discipline: 1A and 5A

Handed: Right

Occupation: Student & Fried Potato Critic

Other Interests: Soccer/ Magic & Illusions

Favorite Foods: French fries… just French fries (with ketchup)

Interesting Fact: I can hold my breathe for 3 minutes. I have been interested in endurance art ever since I watched David Blaine hold his breath for 17 mins. I’m nowhere close to that yet but hopefully one day.

There will be more announcements throughout the week.



How is that even possible?


Hyperventilating and taking in a lot of pure oxygen before the attempt.

I believe the natural record is under 10 minutes, still insane though.

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Without pure oxygen, David Blaine can hold his breath for 8 minutes. I’m not sure if that’s the record.