Amplified Return Tops - Official News



Got my b-grade Fuego Quemado Shout in the mail yesterday! I’ve been throwing it all afternoon and all morning today. It has a few ano flaws, but it’s otherwise dead smooth. This one may be better than my first run Tundra and it certainly looks better (despite the ano flaws).
Way to go, Amplified! These are great. I can’t wait for the blasted ones.

(Amplified) #603

Ovation V3 CAD



Personally not a massive fan of the hub in the middle. Other than that I think it looks pretty nice :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Any reason why?

The hub is geared mostly toward functionality and not just aesthetics. Do you just not like the way it looks? That’s totally fine. Just curious.


It doesn’t look bad but from my experience finger spins don’t always work out to well if there is a hub. Guess I could quit being a baby and just do a little bit more of an off axis finger spin :wink:

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You’ll be surprised how good this will be for fingerspins. :wink: That’s the hubs main function. It’s not about hitting the center with this design, but how your fingernail will hug a certain groove due to the slant of the hub and the wall of the yoyo. It’s actually kinda neat. (At least I think so.)

Fingerspins should be very easy to land. Once I get a prototype in, I’ll post a video or two.

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Amplified i like that hub. looks very interesting let me know if you need anybody to play with it.


This design looks really good, LaMonte. Can’t wait to test one when you get them done.


I actually like the hub. Not sure if you changed the rims but I like the thicker design, looks good for spin!


Are you saying the idea is that your fingernail should ride up on the sloped outer edge of the hub rim, and then be held there by the perpendicular inner edge?


I think he’s saying that it’s all about the outer groove. The perpendicular wall inside is inconsequential. Probably perpendicular because you can save a fraction of a gram there. :wink: The C3 Mo-Vitation has a sort of dimple in the middle, but its fingerspins are meant for the groove as well (not for the dimple).

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Looking good. I like the thick rims, and, I’m in for anything that will help my pathetic fingerspins.


Well then I’m up for it :wink: looks good :slight_smile:

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({RTD} alecto) #617

one of my favorite beginnings to a yoyo video

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Twas lit :fire:


dope videos.


So good! Enjoyed the Sync part in particular, but the whole thing had a great fun vibe to it, while being stocked with some nice tricks.

Thanks for sharing!