Amplified Return Tops - Official News


Go! Amplified!!!

Shall we shout it from the mountain tops
That your voice had been amplified to the power of manufacturers?
Or would that return to the top… void?


Whoop whoop! CONGRATS!


Congrats! Business is gonna be booming now

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For those that find it hard to choose a favorite color. :wink:


Now where have I seen this before :wink:


If you could make that in real life, you would become the most-well known yoyo company. :smiley:


I would sell my left kidney to buy this if it was an actual thing. And my right. What good are they?


So, you’re saying you’d commit suicide for it?


LOL nice one Zorro


Technically, I’d let the doctors kill me. I’m not dumb enough to take them out myself!


You might as well, you’re gonna die anyway and it will save your family from hospital payments.


That would be so awesome if that could be done

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With all that ano, it would be very heavy.


Then call it 7075.

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7075 wouldnt bond to some of those colors… 7075 as a denser metal a is a bit more picky one what colors will or will not attach to it.


Party-pooper alert! We were just having some fun.

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He wasn’t saying to make it out of 7075. Just to call it 7075 because of how heavy it would be.

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I would come back with another smart comment with how you can machine it thinner to make it less weighty then 6061, but i think ill just leave it.

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