Amplified Return Tops - Official News

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Let me begin by apologizing for the recent slow-down in activity here. Things have been busy around my way, but that’s no excuse to leave you guys out of the loop. I have a lot of news, some good some bad.

After a long wait, the Ovation prototypes have finally arrived. It plays beyond my expectations, but will undergo one more cup change. These current prototypes will be shipped to testers soon. I can’t wait to see what others think!

A fresh run of the Shout is nearing completion. With everything assembled and tested, I’m only waiting on packaging. (and maybe extras) I view each run as a new triumph, and this is no different. However, nothing in life is perfect. Through some disconnect in communication, my anodizer failed to blast the yo-yos. I am deeply sorry for this, and it won’t happen again. On another note, these new colorways came out swell!

Fuego Quemado represents everything spicy in life. It’s lava red and golden yellow and orange hues create a fiery visual on the string!

Gaslamp Fantasy is not for the weak of heart. It’s tough, industrial, and grimey. Prepare for intensity in both play and appearence.

Last but not least, I present Groovy Doo. Based on my favorite childhood cartoon mystery, it exemplifies the psychedelic aesthetic that first drew me to the show.

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Looking Great!


How much will these awesome colorways cost for the second run?

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Prices will be similar to first run or the same.


I love the way they look when they’re not blasted, the way the slight lines from machining shine through the anodizing… Awesome.

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Here’s our new logo:

Currently working on some new apparel featuring it. I really like making shirts, but it seems that the overwhelming majority of yoyo tees are just black and white. I understand that it’s practical, but it isn’t always fun or stylish. There is gonna be color on the next batch of shirts I promise.

Here’s a sneak peak at some ideas:

Also be on the look out for something extra fun for spring break. :wink:


I personally like it much better. Seems a lot more balanced.

LOVE the white on green. I wonder if green on a black tee looks nice? So I could use it for videos/competitions as well as just casual wear.

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Green and black could work

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Get hype


Whoop whoop! I’m going to try and pick up a solid one. There will be some in this run, right?


Stupid question, but where will these be sold?

EDIT: Decided to actually look at the post, and I believe it’s time for a Picard Facepalm.

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The Shout is dropping tomorrow on YYE at 8 PM EST. Get hype people!!!


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its about time amplified was on this store…


Yay! Way to go, Amplified!

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So I’m finally official, right? Can this thread get moved? :slight_smile:

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I would say your official… i support amplified getting moved to the big boy side…


Moved - You’re an official manufacturer now!

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Good Job Amplified…

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Friggen amazing!! Congradulations man :slight_smile: