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As long as we’re off topic for a bit…

(Amplified) #642

Charlie Byers is made of the right stuff. Hailing from the great state of Georgia, this guy slays equally with his yoyo and camera. His shots are jarring, captivating, and leave you salivating for whatever is captured in his lense. We are proud to announce him as our lead photographer.

Some fun facts:

Country: USA

Currently Living: Atlanta, GA

Discipline: 1A

Handed: Right

Occupation: Photographer

Other Interests: Baseball, traveling, photography

Favorite Foods: Chicken and shrimp tacos (Mexican)

Interesting Fact: Growing up on a small farm, I was able to predict when our animals were going to give birth. I took care of about 40 animals during my childhood.

(Amplified) #643

This southern gentleman, by way of Malaysia, is steadily breaking barriers with his versatile style and carefree delivery. If he were an In-N-Out burger, he’d be ANIMAL STYLE. He constantly places top at contests and he’s only getting better. Slack, horizontal, tech, it doesn’t matter- He makes it all look good. He’s gonna be special and we know it.

Fun Facts

Country: Malaysia

Discipline: 1A but I dabble in 3A, 4A and 5A

Handed: Left

Occupation: Student

Other Interests: Sucking at kendama

Favorite Foods: Nasi lemak & Mi goreng (Malaysian food)

Interesting Fact: I first learned how to Yoyo when Bandai did a demo at my local mall, and I grew up watching Super Yoyo and Blazing Teens.

Some here may remember him as “LeftyLink”


Nice crew!


Darren would win SEC if Sebby weren’t there. :smiley:


That’s too nice of you :joy: but Maiders also going so no gold for me this year :joy:

(Amplified) #647

Gavin Lambert wears cool pants. You can’t see them in this pic, but you better believe they’re fresher than wet paint. You see, this Savannah savage has all the tools. He pumps out dope material using nothing but drive, creativity, and his gloved hands. Gavin has been an ART supporter since its conception, and we’re more than thrilled he hopped on board with us.

Fun Facts

Country: USA

Currently Living: Savannah, GA

Discipline: 1A & 4A mainly, some 5a, but I’m able to do all styles.

Handed: Right

Occupation: Student & Lifeguard

Other Interests: NFL (Go Chiefs!), music, swimming, kneeboarding, photography & videography

Favorite Foods: BBQ Ribs, BWW Garlic Parm & Honey BBQ Wings, the legendary Jared Sandwich, and anything & everything Asian

Interesting Fact: Aside from going hard in the paint with my Shouts and Ovation, I have a 4.5 GPA and I’m a State Championship qualifying swimmer.

(Amplified) #648

Ovation: it’s gonna be lit





Does he wear gloves because of humidity or just because he prefers them?


Probably both

(Amplified) #652

Haven’t been too active in this thread. I apologize. I’ll try to keep this updated at least once a week.

Last weekend Georgia States was once again held at Under The Couch, a student run music venue on Georgia Tech’s campus. Amplified Return Tops showed up strong with team members LaMonte’ Patteson, Charlie Byers, Gavin Lambert, and Darren Tan all being in attendance. It was a productive Saturday to say the least.

Darren placed 4th while also holding onto his state title. Charlie and Gavin placed 5th and 6th respectively. When they weren’t flowing on stage, they were on camera. We got a TON of quality footage. (Currently working on getting it all sorted out.)

Oh and the Ovation finally made it’s debut in a limited release. A full drop is in the works for early 2017.

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It’s possible to get over a 4.0?


Weighted gpa. Honors is +.5 and APs are +1.0 in most cases.


Oh okay. Well I got my 2 year associates degree before I graduated from high school so what’s that count for :wink:


Depends on how long you took to graduate high school :thinking::joy:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


Lol :wink: standard 4 years :wink:

I still really want to try a shout! They come in such great colorways! :slight_smile:

(Amplified) #658

Winter break is coming to a close for me. Classes start up tomorrow morning. The grind never ceases. Over the break, two new videos dropped. Enjoy!

(Amplified) #659

Btw the official release of the ovation is coming soon. Just waiting on strings and pins to come in the mail.


Looking forward to this! Will be my first Amplified throw