Amateur Yo-Yo Photography


^ Nice photos, and very pretty shade of red on the Summit. The Sturm Panzer photo did not appear for me though. If you have time to re-post the link, I’d like to see that one.

I’m back to my yo-yo characters again. This one is called “GamerYo.”

(Ian) #608

Here is some Sturm Panzer

(Erik Kerber ) #609

^Nice photo’s



That actually looks really nice with the red ULs, coming from a guy who’s not a big fan of black yos


My camera broke, and I bought a new one today. I had to search this thread to remember when I bought the old one. It looks like it lasted me just over a year and a half. Even if I got that protection plan, they would give me the next model up, which I wouldn’t think was that great.

The funny thing is, I got these lines on the LCD screen, and it was a sign that the camera was on it’s way out. Eventually there was a popping sound, I smelled something that seemed like it was burning, and I just didn’t want it near my face anymore. I’ve never seen a camera blow up or anything, but I don’t want to find out if it can happen either. The good thing is, I bought a very well upgraded version of it, and I can use the same size battery, so I have a total of three now.


I would hesitate to use the old battery. The burning and so forth can only happen with energy, which comes from the battery… so either the circuitry in the camera had something happen to cause it to handle the electricity incorrectly, or the battery is not delivering the specced voltage and amperage. You could test the battery if you had the right meter, I suppose. But if you don’t, it’s a crap shoot whether the camera was at fault or the battery was.

Cool that you got an upgrade, though! Your photos are already excellent.


^ Thanks a lot. I have a battery tester, and lucked out having so many gadgets around the house. I have one that touches little sharp thingies against the connectors. The battery is still useful. I’m not missing the old camera, which is a good sign.


I have the same camera! :smiley:

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The camera I use looks pretty similar to that as well but TA got a newer version of it

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edit: might as well post some of my old photos too


Removed my photo, really diggin that one posted by BokehJeremy!

After thinkin about it why not, first time photographing anything like this. Weather has been really lame here in south Texas, cold and rainy so I setup some stuff in the room the other night.



I really need to get my new camera soon. I just hate carrying around my dslr everywhere.


Bang Bang…

Pocket Cannon and KLR…



This needs a bump

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No way! I haven’t seen you in forever. Anyways nice pic of those 2 Diamond backs

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I’ve always wondered where you guys think the focus of the photograph of a yo-yo should be. Because when photographing people you focus on the eyes (generally speaking, of course), so I was wondering if you guys think that there is some proper place to focus when photographing yo-yos.

Perhaps the hub?