Amateur Yo-Yo Photography

(Erik Kerber ) #581

Did you custom paint that multi tool?


Yeah bro :stuck_out_tongue:

(Erik Kerber ) #583

It looks really good.


Weird ish photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Over Exposed but still a goody!

(Erik Kerber ) #585

^Yea that top one is weird and cool at the same time :smiley:

(Erik Kerber ) #586

I had my Wooly Marmot 2 out for a photo shoot today. :smiley:

(Erik Kerber ) #587

^What do you guy’s think?




To be honest Erik.

First one is pretty good, but you cant see the yoyo that well (the cup is dark).

Second one, the yoyo is blurred :-\

Third one is pretty good, but opposite of the first. The yoyo is a little bright.

Overall the middle was the best if it hadn’t been blurred out :slight_smile:

Keep working at it :wink:


@Erik, BC is dead on. But, I would say the last shot is my favorite. Despite lots of sun, I think that photo still presents very well. Great color with the flowers in the backdrop, and you can still make out the subject very well. That’s my favorite one.

@kitebug…nice shot, that Rally with the orange rings looks great. Nice color in that shot.

(Erik Kerber ) #591

Yea the middle is a little blurred I must have bumped the camera by accident.

(Ian) #592

Ganesha throws Sakuras


They’re not wonderful, but it’s my first shot. Used a Nikon D70 with a Macro lens and a Canon powershot


^ Those are great Zort’! What is the blue throw on the top? The second one is the Powershot? We might have the same camera. Mine is on it’s last leg. :-[

(Erik Kerber ) #595


I’ll get some pics of my MWR prize and post them.


The blue one is a Spin Dynamics Flow 1-2 a Blue wave. Nick Gumlaw has the only other one in existance


I thought that was a Flow, but never saw that color before, so I second guessed myself on it. That looks so cool.


Cool. I can’t wait to see. I didn’t know you went to MWR. I’ve been looking at pics of the contest on Instagram. Looks like you guys had a great time.

(Erik Kerber ) #599

Yea it was a lot of fun. I got 2nd place in Ameutur 1A. I

(Erik Kerber ) #600

Here are some pics of the Glide I won at MWR