Alley Cat talk


Now that the cats are out of the bag, just wondered what people think about them and what kind of tuning tips may be out there.
The first impression I had is that they are a nice size, shape, and weight. They are super smooth and stable.
The response was a little weak, so I added another Duncan sticker, now it is too responsive for STM, but good for lots of classic tricks and stalls. The pads seem to be breaking and the response improving, but I wonder if I should have tried to goop up the bearing and tried different string types before jumping straight to adding another sticker.
At any rate, the yo-yo is fun and I will continue to try to dial it in, but any tips folks have about getting these cats to behave better would be much appreciated.


I LOVE the AlleyCat! Have two of them. Both set up the same. TypeX (or Fat Kitty) string, 1 Chaz pad, 1 Duncan Friction Sticker, 3-4 drops of Brain Lube.

Have pretty much not touched another yoyo in a month.


I’m glad they were bold enough to produce a sizable run because I’m definitely going to get one at some point.

Do the bearings come dry? If so, I can’t imagine not adding lube to get consistent response.

Aaron, with your setup, how are STM’s compared to the Moonshine?


I believe they are lubed direct from CoreCo, but I did add more, because I like a little more danger in my life ;D

STM’s? Not sure, haven’t tried them with the AlleyCat or the Moonshine, I would say though that I’d guess my setup isn’t enough for STM. Maybe with 2 Duncan Friction Stickers it would work. I typically only do STM on a fixed axle, have only ever attempted it with Walter, and I saw my life flash before my eyes, so I haven’t tried it since


I have one, am getting another tomorrow. The ano on the splash isn’t great tbh, but that’s my only complaint. I love it. playing it stock from factory, trying to learn stalls, hitting myself, the ground, and the coffee table a lot and having a blast. my favorite throw.


The Moonshine lives up to it’s name, and is far superior to the AlleyCat for STMs.

I have mine setup like Aaron, and for me it has missed the mark, because of the difficulty I’ve had doing STMs. I think the gap is just too big. I’m trying a thick/shorter string, and I can sometimes get a couple out of it.

It also loops way up, and not very well IMO. By that, I mean I like to put single loops to finish of responsive tricks, and the AlleyCat is awkward at that. YMMV

I’m trying to get used to it, and change my style of play to it’s strengths, but when I get in the responsive mode, I like throwing in STMs, and STMs to lunars.

I’m trying to give it a chance, but I much prefer the Moonshine, and even more the SpeedDial.

(Spinworthy Glen) #7

My only concern with buying an Alley Cat is that responsive play is only possible with the friction stickers. Take them off and then it’s unresponsive until you put another sticker on.

Tell me this ain’t so.


Lube the bearing up enough and it’ll be responsive without the friction stickers.

What don’t you like about the response they’re using for responsive play? They’ve also said they’re developing their own response sticker for these. Looking forward to that!


Has anyone tried making a flowable silicone pad? Is it possible? I don’t want to take my Chaz pad out unless I can replace it. The duncan friction stickers tear up too quickly from previous experience



YYE has chaz pads in stock, don’t they?


I’ve been using the same friction sticker for over a month now, no issues with it. If you can find them, Duncan made 12mm Silicone stickers also. Haven’t tried them yet in mine.



Thanks Aaron! I must have not seen them the first time when looking through the store.



Has anyone tried a CT or concave bearing in theirs


(ed) #14

I am playing mine with thin Duncan-sized irPads (basically flat silicone stickers) and a moderately-well lubed bearing w/YYSL Type X string. Using my standard rule for responsive - if I can do Spirit Bomb and Shoot the Moon on consecutive throws, the yo-yo is set up right. As always, the variables are bearing lubrication, pad choice, and string width (and tension), and I would say that is the order in terms of effect on response.

I recognize that some people would like it to be a little more naturally snappy. Others would prefer it to be less so. It was designed not so much to be a fixed-axle style bearing throw as an homage to the mid-school era bearing throws. You SHOULD definitely be able to set it up for loops out and moons (mine is), but it’s got a little too much gap to be a true 0a throw.

I am pretty ecstatic with it. Glad so many people are digging it for what it is!


I didn’t mean to trash on it. I like it. I’ve just been a bit frustrated trying to get it how I like it. I’m not giving up on it yet.

BTW, I’ve gotten good wear out of the Duncan Silicone Stickers. I said I had mine set up like Aaron, but I’m using the Silicone sticker, not the Friction sticker.

Ed, mine is plenty snappy, but like you said, it’s the gap that messes me up I think. When I try to do STM, it shoots forward instead of up and back. Admittedly, my skill level is part of the issue. Hopefully, I’ll persevere, and be better for it.

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I think it’s totally natural to want it to be just a little narrower in the gap (or if you have a slightly dif mindset for it to be a little wider). I have t heard anybody really trash it. It’s not going to be but a very few peoples’ “end-all”. I’m just glad there will always be a core group of throwers who just want to do fun silly stuff and not get too uptight about their equipment ticking all the competitive boxes. :slight_smile:


tbh this is the first dedicated responsive throw I’ve bought and I’m totally in love. like, its my favorite throw at the moment


This throw is pretty awesome, I didn’t get one to practice any responsive tricks. Purely for relaxing when I need a break or to throw around for fun.



Ed (or anyone else), what kind of lube do you recommend? I had to clean a hair out of my bearing, and all I had was 3-in-2, but it’s nowhere near as responsive as it was. The only other thing I could think of was Vaseline, but I don’t want to risk ruining it.


I use the Yomega Brain Lube, just because I bought several in the 90’s and still have it ;D

This is the same stuff though: