Advantages of high walled yoyos?


Are there any advantages of high walled yoyos? I can think of a lot of disadvantages performance wise, but I can’t really think of anything that they do better than low walled yoyos.

Is it just a visual preference thing?


They’ll make you a better player. You have to be smoother. No disadvantages to them what so ever if you put in the practice. Been many contests won on high wall yoyos. Check out older videos of Yuuki, Jensen, Alex Berenguel, Spencer Berry, and way more that I can’t think of.


They’re better at rejections. Like Aaron said, they can make you a smoother/better player if that counts. That’s about it as far as I know.


Also, comfort in hand (for some) and effortless tilt adjustments. Regenerations can have a different feel too.


According to Jensen and Charles, they don’t have training wheels.


They allow you to explore that dark netherworld where bearing yo-yos are still tug responsive and all the most fiendish tricks come from.


They don’t have to be tug responsive, I’ve got plenty that are fully unresponsive and high wall. But they are more fun when they’re tug responsive ;D

I actually have a yoyo waiting for me in my mailbox at home that I’m going to throw a dirty bearing in once I get it!