What's your take on mid-height gap walls?

Some yoyos, such as the ones listed below, have a wall width of more than one 19mm pad equivalent but less than ~1.5-2. What’s your opinion on this design feature?






Ask Sammy the destroyer why thin walls suck. I’ve got 4 words for you" the edge# 1"
Thick walls are stable platforms. Jmtc.

With high wall you have more control to the tilt of the yoyo, this can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the person and how much ‘tilty’ the yoyo in comparison is in the first place. Also high wall are less likely to induce ‘throw vibe’ (not actual vibe but the one you get from sloppy throw).
Low wall is great because it offers stability and you have wider angle where the string can go back and forth without affecting the tilt of the yoyo, and when it does, it’s far from the rim which means it’s less tilty overall.
For me personally, there IS a limit when it comes to stability. When the walls are too low especially on modern bimetals which have huge amount of weight on the rims, they can cause them to be too stable that it’s hard to purposely change direction. Especially when my throw is not completely straight, it requires more effort and potentially ruin the look of the trick when trying to nudge the yoyo back straight, because I had to move further away to correct tilting, and this also causes miss often.
In the end it depends on which yoyos you are used to. If you’re a fan of classic and ‘old-modern’ yoyos, or play 2a, you probably feel the same about modern yoyos that are too stable. If you’re a newer player who are used to bimetals and such, most likely you will always like lower walls.

If you want to tilt it on purpose then wouldn’t it be done mainly against a section further out in the catch zone?
Personally I think a typical sOMEThING/CLYW wall height already can offer all the benefits that advocates propose, but when it goes into Summit range it starts to draw a bit too much from general stability without much further marginal gain.

Well there is a limit on both ends, you want it to be stable enough to assist play, yet tilty enough to have more control.
By doing it against “a section further out”, did you mean like pushing on the rim? if that’s the case, you will need a lot of angle to do that. As I said in my previous post in order to nudge the yoyo tilting you’ll need to move the string way too far that it makes the trick looks rather sloppy, not to mention increasing the chance to miss the string (because of going way off the plane).

The mid-wall feels nicer to hold in hand and is easier to regen, in my opinion.