How do different sized walls affect play?

High walls vs mid or low walls vs no walls

I think i get a general sense of how walls with affect play, but you guys probably know more than i do. Would yoyos with mid or low walls be subject to tilt more than no walls due to the string rubbing up against them?

You got it. The more a string rubs against the yoyo the more it loses spin.

I never understood wat mid wall does.
Full high wall at least reduces the chance of getting a vibey throw on rim weighted yoyos

I love high wall yoyos. I don’t really know why but they feel great. I’m not a huge fan of low walls.

The more wall the more leverage the string has too tilt the yoyo. As well as more leverage too stop the spin. It is way harder too stop somthing from the hub, then the outer edge of the mass.
that being said high wall yoyos have a feel too them, that if you like, will be a hard quality too find in even mid wall throw. low or no wall yoyos are going too be totaly void of it. I have more fun with high wall throws, but also really like low wall yoyos too.