YoYoJam Vigilante

Are you guys going to get a Vigilante? I just might. Can’t wait for release!

It’s caught my interest, but I prefer low-walled throws. That’s the main reason I don’t have more yoyojams right now. It seems like every new release from them is still high-walled except spinfaktor x and xcon pro. I’m going to wait to see what people think about it and read some reviews.

Yes, I want one of these. I’m going to have a tough time at BAC deciding what yoyojams I want to pick up as I’ve been wanting to get a hold of a Dark Magic II and even the Legacy II as well. I could technically order when they release but I kind of like to see what I’m buying at the same time…and will give me one more thing to look forward to when the event comes.

I’ve spent 3 or 4 hours playing my friend’s vigilante and it’s the best yoyojam in years, I hate small yo-yos and I had so much fun playing the vigilante

You live in VA? The vigilante was sweet when I tried it. Definitely gonna get one!

Might get one.

I just bought one. I’m expecting great things from it.

Can YYJ release something that isn’t walled?

Not exactly the topic, but what do you guys mean by “Low-walled” and “Walled?”

SO you want a yoyo that is just rims.
Want to explain how in the world that is gonna work?
Some magic magnetic forces holding it in?

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I was thinking voodoo. Voodoo would work.

It’s how much vertical wall rises from the response area. Low walls don’t go much higher than the response area, high walls are…higher.

low walled

high walled

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe low walled facilitates suicides and high wall allows for easier tilt correction during play.

What is the green throw?


You are correct is saying it is easier to tilt correct a high wall… but it is also easier to tilt a high wall. Lul.

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I think that must be why I find myself preferring low walled throws.

I agree for the most part, but high-walled throws regen better, in my experience.

Great answer. Thanks!

High wall adds center weight, and center weight allows better regens.