Highwall serenity.

Anyone else feel like they are just at home and peaceful with a nice organic Highwall like the duncan raptor?

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I love that shape !!! ;D that’s why i’m stoked for the new Duncan Freehand AI coming out soon !!! :smiley:

Freehand AI hmm guess ill have to do some research.

Literally an aluminum FreeHand. I’m pretty sure there’s no info as it was sort of a secret at Worlds. I tried it at Worlds and I must say they are amazing. Butter smooth and metal with plastic caps. How much more classy can you get?

Sounds great I can’t wait.

It’s supposed to be 110-120 dollars though, which is a bit disappointing (for me at least).

No there’s info, go onto Duncan’s instagram or Facebook all info is there. It says they’ll have a limited amount at Nats and then starting shipping out to retailers 11/1.($110)

It looks amazing for 5a but I’m not sure how much I’d use it for 1a so I don’t know if I should get it…

Prolly best for more advanced 5A players. Or at least 5A players that don’t drop their yoyos much, when they play over concrete or asphalt.

I could imagine a freehand shape in aluminum, turning into quite a Mess, if somebody was blazing away over hard ground and having little bouncing accidents.

But then again, no metal yoyo actually likes getting up close and personal with hard ground.

I just do my weak 5A with an MG. But over grass, hey I’m no fool, lol.

Will the AL Freehand be C bearing size?

Sorry I don’t Facebook or Instagram

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FH AL sounds really interesting but honestly the $120 pricepoint sounds a bit high considering the Barebones MG is $200. $60-80ish would’ve made a lot more sense imo. I also would’ve preferred to see it have an A bearing and use pads but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was one of the few. All those concerns aside, I’m still intrigued and would definitely pick one up if it got favorable reviews.

I too would have rather seen it stick with an A bearing. Prolly feels more like a Raptor than a Freehand, though I’m making a mistake already by expecting an aluminum rehash to feel anything like a plastic to begin with.

Regarding the original topic at hand, yes, organic highwalls are my go-to.

How do you know if a throw has a high wall? Does the shutter? The g funk?

Well… High wall has a higher wall. You cant explain it so just refer to this picture via Yoyowiki.

The right has a “high” wall. The left has a low wall…

Here is a FHZ that was “High walled.”

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There needs to be a yoyo called the Highwall Serenity.

As for me, I do enjoy hucking around my Kyo DNS.

So is highwall or low wall good for horizontal?

Low wall and flared profile is generally prescribed. So like the complete opposite.

So thats what the shutter is? And G funk?

I wonder if this is going to suck as bad as every other aluminum version of the fh.
Love my highwall yoyos, MG is my go to throw.

I presume this one will be fine because it doesn’t follow actual FHZ construction like the MFH and Drifter did.

That is correct. Both of those are generally accepted as “low walled” yoyos.

Raptor = boss to me. Just my flow I guess anything you folks could recommend that would be similar?