Garagantua or High wall? Or diffusion?

Has anyone tried either of these ? I’m looking to add another oversized plastic, after loving the big fun I wanna add another to line up. These are the two that are available here. They both look awesome has anyone tried the Mowl high wall? Plastic version, or how bout the yyr gargantua? There’s a big price gap between the two. My wallet likes the lower price point but the clear high wall really appeals. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also anyone who has a diffusion, any input on that would be welcome also that one is slightly oversized

I had a Gargantua a while ago, but I don’t have super clear memories of it. My impression at the time was that it was a really strong performer in terms of things like spin time/stability, but it did have a bit of a “thunk” on the string - not necesarily in an unpleasant way though.

I currently own a High Wall also. My impressions of it are a bit iffy. In terms of spin time and stability it’s fine, but the qualitative measures of it are just a bit… unintuitive? I think that’s the best word I can come up with for it. It feels heavier on the string than I expected it to, despite the fact it has a relatively average weight in comparison to its oversized diameter. It’s not exactly a rock, but you definitely feel it. It also feels a bit reluctant to move around - not slow exactly, but it definitely has a lazy spirit. The actual catch zone is quite narrow because those rims are actually not very sloped when you use it. All in all, I guess it just feels “chunky” in a way that I have not felt in many other yoyos. This sounds negative, but it does have a very particular feel that I have not really felt in any other yoyo, and that does drive me to pick it up and play it still. I would say it’s a good yoyo for when you want to force yourself to play more laid-back, while still practicing your accuracy.

EDIT: I forgot to say - it is indeed a very pretty yoyo. The clear has a bit more of a smoky look in person compared to the YYE photos, and while spinning it kind of reminds me of a skateboard wheel. If nothing else, the aesthetics are a point in its favor.

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I don’t have a High Wall but I do have the Big Fun and the Gargantua. I feel like they’re both different and unique enough that I enjoy them separately for what they are. Rather than feeling like I have two of a closely similar yo-yo.

The Gargantua is cool because it’s one of the few yoyos I’ve found that have promoted bearing swaps for responsive and unresponsive, that actually does a good job with both! I like oversized throws, and I think the Gargantua actually does an amazing job with the responsive side of things. I actually keep it in that setup because I don’t have many oversized responses, and it’s done one of the best jobs I found so far in that category. Really fun to play with.

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I’m a huge fan of the high wall, I agree with a lot of what @stringking said, it’s a heavier yoyo but has a very unique and dense feeling that a lot of plastics don’t easily obtain. It’s definitely a more laid back yoyo, not going to rock your socks off on terms of raw performance with 60s+ combos, but it’s easily enough for most of your tricks.


Thanks for the great responses guys! My question to u all would be….if u lost it, would u buy it again? Whether it be the high or the garagantua?

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High wall I would be 50/50 over rebuying if I lost it. I think the only thing stopping me is the fact that a metal high wall theoretically exists and I want to try that one.

Speaking on the Gargantua only, I would definitely buy it again. I thoroughly enjoy it. Would snag it again before the Big Fun if that was a scenario.

I personally wouldn’t due to my personal tastes. But, I would say if the description I made sounds appealing to you, then it is a well-made yoyo that is worth picking up.

Thanks again guys anybody have the diffusion? I’m wondering how it stacks up against the gargantua and the main thing I’m looking for is the fun factor

I can’t speak to the gargantua or high wall but diffusion is fun. It didn’t feel very oversized from what I remember. I traded that one away awhile ago so I could be misremembering. I’m NOT misremembering the fun however. It was definitely very fun.

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Diffusion is exceptionally good for a plastic. Great performance, good feel. Very standard yoyo though.

If you’re looking for something more atypical and interesting, Gargantua or High Wall are gonna be the way to go. If you just want a plastic yoyo that plays good while also feeling more familiar/comfortable (imo) Diffusion is the way to go.


Your answers are always so well put. I really value your opinion @mable.

Yes, I would agree about the diffusion. Very good for plastic but also rather “normal” feeling.

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