Yoyorecreation new Diffusion review (added pics and video!)

Yoyorecreation (YYR) is a company with a reputation for pure performance yoyos. However, their first go at a plastic, the original Diffusion, left many throwers disappointed because it wasn’t the performer you might expect from YYR. The original Diffusion is vibey and on the heavy side but, for what it’s worth, I liked its “character”. In any case, lucky for everyone that YYR kinda screwed up a bit on the original, because they totally redesigned the Diffusion and the new version is incredible.

Specs from YYE:
Diameter: 58 mm / 2.28 inches
Width: 43.25 mm / 1.70 inches
Gap Width: 4.55 mm / 1.78 inches
Weight: 65.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
YYR DS (Double Straight) Bearing
Response: YoYoRecreation Silicone Response

The Diffusion comes with YYR’s concave bearing, minimal packaging, and a thin string (you’ll want to change that string). I got a clear one, and it looks killer. I’ll definitely be picking up another in a different color eventually. I put on a kitty string normal and it was love at 1st, 2nd, 3rd…etc…throw… With plastics I generally have two complaints: spin time and response. The new Diffusion does not suffer from deficiencies in either of those areas.

Spin time
Sure any yoyo can spin and spin, but what counts is how the spin time is affected during play. I am very surprised out how well the Diffusion holds its strong spin throughout a long trick sequence. Many yoyos start out with powerful spin that dissipates quickly with string contact on the inner walls, hand contact, etc… but the Diffusion has a such a low inner wall (as pretty much all YYR have), well-distributed weight, and the benefit of a concave bearing. This means long spin that lasts through long combos, lots of string wraps, and hand contact during tight chopsticks maneuvers.

I haven’t changed out the pads yet, but I have no problems. When I eventually put in flowable silicone instead of the pads it’ll be even better, but that’s just my preference. The binds are tight with normal kitty string even at low RPMs (again…good that it comes with a concave bearing). On a throw, the Diffusion unrolls smoothly and tightly to the end of the string without the major, finger-jarring, “thunk” that you would get from wide-gapped yoyos. This is something I really like about YYR, they tend to have narrower gaps than other manufacturers and this makes for comfortable throwing. At this point in their designs, it seems that they have this response configuration + concave + gap size thing pretty wired. For my preference, YYR is pretty tops about this aspect.

It’s really quiet
Yup, for a plastic it is surprisingly quiet. Play this at night. Disturb no one.

How does it feel
Great…really great. With my first throw I went for the combo I’ve been working on and it was a cakewalk. A very comfortable yoyo that I did not need to adjust to, it was golden from the beginning. Floaty (yes, it is very much!) and nimble. The new Diffusion is larger than the old, and it is even slightly larger than the Protostar (and its progeny). Very comfortable in hand, and fantastic off/on the string the Diffusion has a medium-fast feel and reacts quickly to direction changes and feels oh so lovely during hops. I love it, the best plastic I’ve played, but not just a performance beast, it is just a really fun yoyo to play. The Diffusion goes the speed I want, reacts fast, has spin that lasts, and is totally comfortable in hand and during a throw. I could throw it all day, learn new combos with confidence, have fun, and not feel like my finger is going to fall off. So yeah… I like it… I like it a lot (that’s why I went to the trouble to write this up :P).

comparison pics

New Diffusion / Old Diffusion

New Diffusion / Old Diffusion

YYF Northstar, new Diffusion, Duncan FHZ, old Diffusion

(ugh, why is flash video always such a mystery to embed in forums? :frowning: )
The new Diffusion in action on my instagram: http://instagram.com/p/oV-hJqgqdP/


Still really loving the new Diffusion, so much that I just ordered a second one… now I will have the clear and the red.

Also, I used the Diffusion in the “old guy” yoyo contest recently. I filmed my contest entry while I was out of town, and whenever I travel I prefer to bring a good plastic and not worry about dinging a metal. Here’s the vid: https://vimeo.com/100011546

And…I’ve repeatedly nailed this yoyo on the floor recently, without problems. Still as smooth as ever, durable plastic doesn’t mark too easily.

In general, I like working on difficult and new tricks on a plastic for a couple reasons… one is that I can just go for it and not worry about smacking the floor and dinging a nice metal. And of course, with a new trick idea I’m more likely to hit myself while smoothing out a maneuver…again, plastic is ideal because they don’t hurt as bad when you hit yourself on accident. Plastics are also good because they tend to lose spin more quickly with sloppy play…so you are forced to tighten up.

That all said, playing with the Diffusion is a joy and it is actually very forgiving of sloppy play due to the shape and long spin time.

So…the new Diffusion is not only my go-to every day carry, it is simply one of my favorite yoyos of all time. Just so fun to throw, and I can just go for it and not worry about it being too expensive to damage and/or that it will damage me. And I finally just nailed a solid Seasick on it…we’re officially bonded 4 life, this yoyo and I. I <3 Diffusion


Man, wish all reviews were like this! It was great. Would consider adding some pics though. Btw how does it compare to the other plastics in the price range?

I want one of these so bad!

I HIGHLY recommend that everyone get one of these!! No joke.

bump because added pics and a video :slight_smile:

Can you tell us about the construction of the hub area in the cup? Is it flat there? Hollow or solid underneath? Would it be good for horizontal fingerspins? Are the engravings raised? Thanks!

Thanks so much! I added pics :slight_smile:

I’ll just compare the new Diffusion to the YYF *star plastic line (Protostar, Northstar, Starlite, etc…). The Diffusion is light (like the old Starlite) but has better spin and is more maneuverable throughout play as compared to the *stars. The Diffusion’s spin stays strong during play, and this aspect surprised me the most given how light it feels. Maybe the Diffusion design has allowed it to have really low center weight (just my speculation though). Also, I enjoy the rounded outer profile of the Diffusion better than the *star shape.

Granted, I love the YYF *star line, but the Diffusion beats anything in the same price range that I have played, metal or plastic.

…and I haven’t played a Yeti or Rally so I can’t compare those…but the Diffusion shape is my preference…

The hub is like a shallow bowl: concave, not flat. It also seems like the plastic is totally solid through the whole yoyo. The engravings on the cup are raised. I’m not a finger spinner, but shiny plastic doesn’t seem so great for that…however, the raised engravings in the cup did allow me to briefly hold a finger spin. Maybe it’s doable with a little teflon spray…hopefully others will chime in about this…

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I wanted to get a new pair for 3a and I’m split between this and the Northstar. Would you recommend it over the Northstar for 3a?

Hmm… well the Northstar is heavier and has a slower feel in play, while the Diffusion is lighter and faster and longer spinning and more stable. …so…maybe that helps?

My preference is the Diffusion, but the Northstar was/is cool :slight_smile:

I like hefty yoyos, but 3a needs a lot spin and stability. The Northstar has death grip spacers, while Diffusions need a different kind of IRPad. I think I’m kinda leaning on Diffusions right now but I’ll just try them at SpinGear.

Cool. That’s why I mentioned the weight difference between Northstar and Diffusion. I don’t do 3a but for some reason I always thought a solid feeling weight was preferable for that. The Diffusion is more floaty feeling than solid, but I find that its spin lasts longer and it is more stable than the Northstar (though again, I do like Northstars… I have 2 of them). Maybe Diffusion would work for you :slight_smile:

Right now, the Diffusion is probably one of my favorite plastics in my collection, period. It’s very stable and plays right up there with some of my pricier throws. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was really after it but after seeing several of them being purchased at this year’s BAC and hearing rave reviews about them here I decided to give it a go. I picked up the lime green one. The color on this really pops in the sunlight.

Nothing special, but I thought it would be fun to whip out the DSLR and record myself messing around.

Sweet! :slight_smile:

And awesome that you’re loving the Diffusion too!

Was planning on writing a review as well, because I was SO blown away by how good this yoyo is. I have a yellow one. Deffo the N1 plastic at this moment. I tend to buy and play all higher end plastics and this one just puts the others completely out of league in terms of performance (spin time, stability, weight distribution, smoothness). I might dare to make the statement that it outperforms some of the high end metals on the market these days. I will also pick another one up in the near future.

So far my top 3 (only focussed on performance)

  1. New Diff
  2. Rally
  3. Good old protostar

I like the Protostar more than the Rally, but that’s personal preference, I think.

As for the new Diffusion - And apologies for bumping an old(ish?) thread, but it seems better than making a whole new thread for one question:

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but I’m assuming the new diffusion is a slick plastic, and not textured?

As in - Is it safe to assume the new Diffusion isn’t grind friendly?

It’s the one thing no one seems to ever mention in their reviews.

Most of the YYR yoyos are not blasted I think, at least they used to be, so I guess it is in keeping with the theme.

I do like the looks of the new Crystal Clear Diffusion. I would pick up one based on that alone if it were cheap enough. :slight_smile:

Good review, though, makes me want to try one even more.

Well its a plastic, I don’t see how this information would be much helpful anyways, you can’t blast a plastic :smiley: But you’re right, YYR started the company doing some blasts for their throws but they haven’t done it in a long time I believe.

@Nohydra, most plastics don’t grind well and the diffusion doesn’t look like it would seeing its not delrin or celcon.

Not a “blast” per se but like The rally or something. Doesn’t YYF do something with the Protostar now for texture also?