yoyorecreation Diffusion Review

Yoyo specs
Weight 67.3g
Diameter 55.92mm
Width 40.37mm
Bearing size C (large)
Response YYR (OD19.6mm) 1.1mm

First thoughts
When I got the yoyo I thought the packaging was kind of cool it even came with another bearing to replace the half spec that was installed in it. I was extremely excited to throw my first yoyorecreation yoyo with its interesting color and exciting shape. It seemed like it was going to be a great plastic considering its coming from such a well liked company.

On the Throw:
From the start the throw didn’t seem right like something was off about It. I soon realized that the shape was incredibly uncomfortable, and it vibed more than any of the other 20+ plastics I have laying around my room. It was terrible disappointing for a thirty dollar yoyo that was coming from such a well known brand. Along with being vibey and uncomfortable in the hand the yoyo also seemed slow when doing combos, and didn’t seem like it could handle most of the tricks I threw at it. The only thing I thought it was remotely good at was 3a but it lacked the spin times that any of my metal rimmed yoyojams provided.

Is the yoyorecreation Diffusion worth $30? No its not, their are a lot of better options for the price this yoyo was very disappointing for me.

Final thoughts:
I received two of these yoyos for 3a, and was disappointed by everything about this yoyo. Overall it was slow, uncomfortable in the hand, and vibed more than any other yoyo I own. I highly recommend not buying this yoyo for the reasons listed above and go with a better option like a onestar or surge.

pics will be up later


Really? All 8 of the ones I tried had almost no vibe. I felt the shape wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was ok. The spin times were awesome. Too bad you got some bad ones, the ones I tried were great.


You’re lucky. Mine vibes like a monster. I really like the play, though. Do you think this is enough of a flaw to ask about a replacement?


I like the feel of the shape a lot. The one I tried had no vibe at all.


I had some vibe issues and then the yoyo went responsive on me. I cleaned the bearing out, Dry Play treated it and nearly all the vibe went away and it’s dead unresponsive. Now it’s very playable.

Maybe you should try the same.

I paid $40 for these from another store before they hit the United States. I feel they are more worth the $30 asking price than the $40. I still greatly enjoy this yoyo though


The Diffusion is a boss. It plays fast. Its Rock solid stable, but can still change axis when you want it to. not good for grinding, thinner profile. Vibe is good. learn to love it. my diffusion vibes for minutes thru all my combos.


Can’t win 'em all I suppose.


I don’t believe that this is an excuse, but doesn’t yoyorecreation have a big disclaimer saying that their yoyos could play with vibe and they are designed to be competitive yoyos and not spin smoothly or something? I still think that they could make it smooth considering how many other smooth 20 dollar plastics they are, but still.


That disclaimer is not supported by YYR. One particular online store uses it, to cover their butts, even though it only ever applied to first run Blinks and E=mc^2s. The problem with vibe was fixed. I’ve owned several YYR, and all of them have been practically dead smooth. Unscrewing them had no ill effects.


I didnt care for the diffusion at all. Seriously its pretty bad. I sold mine on the bst for $10.


Oh ok thanks for clearing that up!


No problem. If you’ve seen some of YYR’s models, such as the E=mc^2, Blink, Acrophobia and some others, they have a little elevated circle in the middle, which was added to help get rid of the vibe. I’m pretty sure. Someone back me up on this.


I think the Diffusion is a really good yoyo but it won’t match many people’s expectations of what a YYR should be. I have two.

The vibe is pretty typical for a plastic. Hits a great size/weight sweet spot for my preference.


Isn’t the diffusion has a hex nut setup for the axel?, couldn’t you tune?


I’ve gotten a bunch of plastics lately, and I have to agree that this yoyo is a big disappointment. Mine vibes A LOT. I’ve tried different bearings, it hasnt helped. Perhaps I’ll try to switch the response as well, but nonetheless, every other plastic I’ve gotten recently vibes much less. And I’ve gotten a PSG, an alpha crash, a surge, a classic, a protostar, a onestar, a one, a throw monkey, a velocity… all of them spin smoother, and cost the same or much less. Spin times are not particularly amazing. I’m sure if it was smoother it would spin longer, but the vibe affects combo length and even makes snags easier.

This yoyo is thirty dollars. It is made in China, not Japan. I’ve played quite a few YYR’s over the years, and some of them are quite amazing. But for what they cost, there should be some god durn quality control. It’s probably the most disappointing yoyo I’ve gotten in the last year.


Mine also vibes a lot. Maybe not as bad as some of yours but it vibes enough that I can easily see the vibe as its spinning. IMO not worth my money.


The Diffusion is not my favorite yoyo. Definitely not the best of YYR by a long-shot.
While their metal throws set the standard in many ways, the Diffusion was a definite disappointment.
If you really want plastic, the Diffusion is not the best choice.


I almost want to start a class action lawsuit. In my mind, they’ve made a shoddy, borderline defective product, and more people seem to be reporting vibe than smoothness. Any non-delrin plastic that doesn’t have weight rings, exotic materials, or post-mold machining had better be butter smooth(in plastic terms at least) if it’s gonna cost 30 dollars.

I have never purchased a plastic yoyo, of any brand, that vibed this much out of the box. The only one that came remotely close was a YYF dienasty, which was only 15 dollars AND came with a center track, which practically justified the yoyo purchase itself. It was much more playable regardless.
YYR has put out a borderline faulty product. I don’t care if some of them play awesome. There is absolutely no reason this should have left the factory. I’m done ranting. But I think at the very least YYR owes the community an apology for this steaming pile of polycarbonate.


If you are particular about vibe, definitely DO NOT get a Diffusion. Yes, it vibes, but it can be “tuned” a bit so as to be playable. I have 2 and they both have vibe but not so much where it is noticeable during play. You won’t be grinding with the Diffusion anyways, due to the stickiness of the plastic.

I really like the Diffusion on a throw and its response. With the KK it comes with, the binds are great… and binds/response is one area where plastics typically fail, IMO. So it has that going for it. And its solid feel and size are really nice.

If the Diffusion had been priced lower and lacked vibe issues then I have a feeling that it would be well-received. Alas, it is a YYR, a company people expect performance perfection from, and is accordingly higher-priced as well, and for that it was probably doomed to fail to live up to expectations.


Yours came with a KK? Now I feel even more ripped off. Mine came with a YYE flat bearing.