New Yoyorecreation Diffusion Colors!

Yoyorecreation released some really cool new colors of the Diffusion!

Got that green one in vegas!! I love it! :slight_smile: now i need the orange one!!!

Yes!!! I was waiting for green :slight_smile:

Easily one of the best full plastic yoyos I’ve ever played. It’s my go-to throw at the moment and I love every aspect about the way it plays and feels.

Can definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great plastic or budget throw. :slight_smile:

Have you tried a Speedaholic? If so how does it compare?

As far as straight up play and performance, I feel it’s better than the Speedaholic myself. Even though the Speedaholic is heavier I never really could get a feel for it on the string. It always felt a tiny bit hollow to me and I couldn’t really feel how fast it was spinning or how hard I had thrown it.

That being said the Speedaholic is less than half the price, so I won’t be too critical of it. It’s still one of the best value-for-money throws out at the moment, so to be able to get such a well playing unresponsive yoyo for only $13.50 is nothing to be scoffed at. I just personally prefer the Diffusion in every aspect possible, it just works for me. :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of full plastic yoyos and I’d put the Diffusion and Yeti up there as the best that I’ve tried.

I picked up a clear one and I am very impressed. Great yoyo.

Thanks for the response. I have a speedaholic too, but I was wondering how the Diffusion paired against it. Its interesting that I keep finding myself going back to the Speedaholic again and again. Easily one of my fav thows.

Having said that I think I gonna like the Diffusion.