New Yoyorecreation diffusion review

Hello everybody! Today, I’m reviewing the yyr diffusion. So, yyr is one of the best yoyo companies that I have ever played. Not even joking, they’re amazing. If you have the option to get a sleipnir, blink, or any yoyorec yoyo, GET IT! You won’t regret paying about $150. But yoyorecreation is trying something new, they are making a plastic. Knowing that it is yoyo recreation, I bought the diffusion from yoyoexpert about 2 weeks ago. I already have the Onedrop rally, which is a great plastic, so I wanted to see if the diffusion was on par, or even better than the rally. Is it? Let’s find out. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT I AM REVIEWING THIS YOYO AS A PLASTIC, NOT A METAL. Also, this yoyo is the price of a Yoyofactory protostar, and the diffusion is miles better than a stock protostar.

sorry, no pictures. My camera broke :’(, but if you want pictures, just go the page for the diffusion on yoyoexpert

Here are the specs of the diffusion;

diameter: 58mm
width: 43.25mm
weight: 65.2 grams
bearing:YYR double-straight bearing
response: YYR silicone

Lets start with how it looks. I love it, I love it, I love it. They designed the look very well, especially the new diffusion. the lines in the plastic make it look very nice, while still have a rounded v-shape. The cups make the yoyo stand out, and I like how the name is printed out on the side. It looks as good spinning as well. I really like the look as you can tell.

Bearing and response: Let’s just get this out of the way, I don’t love flowable silicone. I really don’t like. It could just be that I have bad luck with silicone, but it just doesn’t work for me. However, my experience with flowable silicone on the diffusion was positive. It doesn’t peel, and it gives me a nice clean bind. Even when I don’t have a good one, I know the string isn’t very tangled or loose. As for the bearing, it’s good. I would prefer a KK bearing, but that’s just me. It feels like a center track honestly.

Body: I like the body/shape of this yoyo, but it’s very generic. The v-shape isn’t knew to plastics at all. I want to see a g-shaped plastic honestly. The shape isn’t bad at all, it just doesn’t really stand out. As for the cups and the side, I really like the look. It is rounded and straight on the sides, and it looks nice. There is one MAJOR flaw, at least with mine anyway. With the way diffusion’s are made, the sides are ridged. Now you may think that it doesn’t effect anything, but it does. The flaw doesn’t effect play, thank god. I sometimes hit the yoyo during weaving and slack tricks, and it hurts. The finish also doesn’t let you grid, but with the flaw I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t want to. I don’t know if the ridged edges are with every diffusion, but I hope it isn’t.

Play: I really like the play of this yoyo. It’s exactly what you would expect from yyr. If you play fast, it will play faster. If you want to play smooth, it will be like butter. No exaggeration, it really is how it plays. The diffusion has it’s own signature feel to it though. The diffusion works the best with normal speed, complicated tricks. Even if you don’t do those tricks that often, It’s still an amazing plastic yoyo for any play. As for spin, it spins longer than my rally. If I were to say which yoyo plays better, I think I would go diffusion. I love it.

My final thoughts:

Look: 9/10
Bearing and response: 7/10
Body (including flaw) 6/10
Play: 10/10 (yes, it’s that good)

overall: 8/10. If you were to choose between the rally and the diffusion, I would choose the diffusion.

Thanks for clicking on this review, and I hope that I help you guys!

I notice the ridge on mine as well but it doesn’t really bother me.
It does hit the hand pretty hard of I have a lot of spin still going.

Why do you mean by ridges?
Do you mean it is sharp or something ?

If he means what I think he is talking about these areas have a seam from the production process.

I don’t really mind them, and if they are a huge deal to someone, you could probably dremmel them away to nothing.

Wouldn’t even need a dremel. Quarter sheet of 600-grit wet/dry and 10 minutes of work.

so like the metal part is annoying?

No. There’s no metal except the axle system. It’s an artifact from the molding process. Just some sharp raised plastic that could stand to be sanded down.

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good review, thinking about buying one.

Hmmm, kids these days are spoiled by metal yoyos. There was a time in history when removing the molding flash was one of the first thing you did when you took a yoyo out of the package.


I’m a teenager (15), I have always done this, thought everyone removed the molding flash since it just sucks when it hits your hand or just for aesthetic. Apparently not. :confused: I have only 1 metal so I’m not spoiled ::slight_smile:

People are lazy/don’t even know how to fix it.


Played one the other day. I need to buy one at Nats.

Passed the mailman on my way home any second now I should be receiving my diffusion and yyo orbis!! Great review!!