New YoYoRecreation Diffusion?

What do you guys think of the new YoYoRecreation Diffusion?

I think it looks great, and a plastic that is decent at fingerspins? YES.

Looks like it comes with the YYR DS bearing, awesome bearing IMO, and the yoyo itself just looks like it’s really good. The promo videos look cool too. I’ll hopefully be able to snag one in the near future, what are your thoughts?

I want to snag a 3a pair since I haven’t been able to buy a yoyo since before Black Friday last year…
I want an aeronaut, some yyr or irpads to go with it, and a pair of diffusions so I’m pretty excited

I’ve also heard many people liked it ALOT and tons of people were thinking its a very good yoyo and potentially could be a competition

I got one of the new diffusions last thursday and for being a plastic throw it sleeps like a beast! I can easily pull off any of my combo’s withenough spin time left over to bring it back (on really long combo’s) and it works better than expected for fingerspin tricks.

As for the aeronaut I’d suggest getting the thin spacers for it since with the stock ones it doesn’t play that well.

yeah the new diffusion is great. I don’t like to take my fancy metals out and about with me so the diffusion is usually my go to throw when i leave the house. I own 2 and I don’t even do 3a.

My favorite plastic!
It’s like a Classic and a Speedaholic combined with a fingerspin cup.

Funny. I was playing with it today. I have the neon yellow diffusion 2. It’s a phenomenal yoyo. I’m not big on plastics but this is sweet. Slight oversized I believe, long spin, smooth, stable. It’s a great throw for sure.