What do you guys think of a-rt?
I personally love them :grin:
I think they put out the best yoyos right now and there videos are stunning.
What’s your favorite throw from them? I gotta say the jr. for me

Love them. The Grail and the next one are my favorites ;D

Who? Nah…no interest at all!

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Big fan, love the grail, love what they do

You should check them out they make some quality stuff

I tried googling them without any luck ???

It’s Jensen and Chucks company

I think they should have chosen a differnt name. Thats shady to attempt to nudge out a fellow yoyo company. I wanted to like them, but Amplified Return Tops has ART on lock. To be A-RT is just twisted and rude.
Also the outlash toward Gambit a while back was enough for me to turn them off from my radar.

Same! I really hope Gambit comes back…

Me too. I’m sure their yoyos are great, and I hope they do well, but, I choose not to buy their products.


Mind blowing, i thought they were Amplfied Return Tops…

Exactly the problem!

They were contacted about this stupid and avoidable mixup at the beginning of their launch, asking them to change their name since Amplified was already established. But they gave the metaphorical middle finger to us all that were asking them to be decent humans and respectful businessmen.

They are not respectful business men. They care not about decency in the marketplace.
Therefore I reflect the same attitude of disregard back to them. Personally I hope them the best. Business wise? I do not have the same hope based on how were were treated back when at the beginning of their endeavor.
I dont care how nice, plain, or pretty their throws are. When we got disregarded, so did they.

Foolish. Avoidable. Terrible taste. and the attitude of the ones pushing the A-RT idea is not agreeable to how I feel the yoyo community should treat its fellows and customers.

Then good ole Gambit… Id take Gambit back over the Loss of A-RT anyday
What gambit brought to the table was worlds more valuable, engaging, positive, informative, consistent, respectful, and inspiring than anything ive seen come from the A-RT company name.

Sad thing too, I really like Chuck. Hes one of my favorite throwers! but business is business, and professional vs personal opinions sometimes do not see eye to eye. This is the case for me. Personally I am a fan of Chuck. Professionally, i do not care one bit for the company name’s choice, reasoning behind this stupid choice, nor am I a fan of most of the other crew that helps run it.

I hope lots of other people think this too oddly enough. They told us it would not be a problem (to share 99% of a competitor name? I thought there were laws to prevent this kind of BS from happening. I mean I couldnt start up a drone company and call it “DGI” casue DJI would sue the crap out of me, so how did they skeeze past this??)

I Hope it becomes a problem for A-RT and helps ART sell more! :smiley:

Long story short - WE MISS YOU GAMBIT!!!

I have actually never thought of Amplified Return Tops as ART, always as Amplified Return Tops, or Amplified. The “laws” for names technically don’t cross international borders, unless said company is registered in the other countries as well. Why you can’t open a restaurant called McDonalds in Canada, because they are registered in Canada, etc. Names also don’t apply if they are in a different market. Technically you could open a sandwich shop and call it “Amplified Return Tops Sandwiches” and be free and clear mostly.

I know there are people that take issues with ‘Amplified Return Tops’ as a name as much as a-RT as a name.

And yes, you could start a drone company DGI. DJI is actually “Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co.” So if you wanted to create a drone company and call it DGI Drones you’d be ok possibly. Now if you called it DGI, but the actual business name was ‘Dà-Giāng Innovations Science and Technology Co.’, or ‘Dà-Giāng Innovations Science’ then you would have a problem. Now if DJI wanted to come after you they’d need to prove that you were purposely going after their name. But if your name was David George Ingram, and that’s what you were using for the initials, or something similar that had to do with you, or had nothing to do with going after DJI you’d be ok.

Could go around and around on this topic, but in the end it’s going to come down to personal views on the ART vs. a-RT(a/rt) matter.

I was looking for A-rt on here and I thought it was Amplified Return Tops :).

The Gambit thing is a separate issue from the A-RT/ART thing. I don’t think the way they reacted to Gambit was appropriate, but I also think that Gambit abandoning the community, and a hobby he loved, over one issue is pretty over the top.

With that said - A-RT is not Amplified Return Tops (ART), just like YoYoExpert (YYE) is not YoYoEmpire (YYE).

They are different companies doing very different things, but in the end I like ART because Lamonté makes some great yo-yos and I like A-RT because Jensen and Charles make some great yo-yos.


All I know is I’m in love with a-rt return tops :heart_eyes:

Sometimes our views get jaded by too many memories. This does not reflect the end product. A good yoyo is a good yoyo. The rest is fodder and fluff. Im sorry for fueling a fire that needed not be rekindled.

I apologize for throwing shade.

Hmm maybe I should make a company called Amplified Return Bandalores then release a yoyo named the A-RB.

All silliness aside - I am a business man, I own two Anytime Fitness Franchise locations, and if Ive learned anything in the last 3 years since opening my own business - its that many very very nice people are the complete opposite when money is involved.

Sometimes, even I have to be that person. My bottom line is much higher than your average yoyo company, and yet I would never treat a competitor, especially in such a tight knit community such as this, the way that A-RT seems to have treated Amplified.

This is a classic mistake on A-RT’s end - as a business owner, your reputation will precede you in public and private aspects of life. I know nothing of the situation other than quiet rumblings here, but my (coming in) unbiased opinion is that A-rt is somehow run by people who handle things in an unprofessional manner. I am willing to bet that I am wrong, but this is the impression I have been given without any further research based on reading a few mentions of them. Thats not good for A-RT, in that their reputation (earned or not) precedes them in a poor image.