ART and A/RT


Charles Haycock Posted this comment on a youtube video:
“we throw for ourselves :slight_smile: A Return Tops (A-RT). Website coming soon. Juniors which i used in this will be going up then we have a new yoyo called the Grail coming too. Find us on instagram or personally on facebook.”

So, there are going to be two yoyo companies named ART?

Charles and Jensen with A Return Tops (A/RT) and Amplified Return Tops (ART).


:smiley: This will get confusing

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I was wondering when this would pop up here… I’ve spoken to Charles about it. He doesn’t see a reason to change it and feels there will be no confusion.

Edit- Charles and I share different opinions on this.

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I always think of Amplified as “Amplified” and I’ll prob think of A/RT as just “A”. Too many acronyms in yo-yoing anyway.


Well, for the record, I like your name better. It’s more creative.


Good luck reasoning with Charles and Jensen on this. :smiley:


Yeah they’re similar, but the companies are different enough. If anyone else felt like making a Return Top company with a name that started with the letter A they can do so as well, no one is trademarking acronyms in the yo-yo world.

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Tried. Failed.

I’m focusing on my own company for now.


As long as they don’t Release a throw called the Scream I think it shouldn’t be too big of an issue :slight_smile:


I don’t think of Amplified Return Tops as “ART”. When I think of them I think of Amplified, or the full name.

Even Amplified uses Amplified for short more often than ART. Even his BST is labeled “Amplified’s BST”. Now if he was constantly and consistently using ART their may be an issue.

I see the only issue coming up if a company came out and called themselves ART. Plus Amplified uses their shortened name as ART, A Return Tops are using A/RT.

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There could be a problem, but i doubt you could convince them otherwise but both jensen and charles can be stubborn.

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“Amplified’s BST” is my personal BST… I actually can’t even sell my products from there. Why would I call it “ART’s BST” if there aren’t any ART products inside?

If you need any reference for how I refer to my company in short, read the shout product description on YYE.

Or speak to anyone I talk to regularly online or over the phone…

Or check my website…


Regardless of how I use Amplified, ART, or Amplified Return Tops; nothing is going to change. I just thought I’d clarify a few things.


I definitely think of Amplified as “ART”.

Problem is that Jensen and Charles probably didn’t know, when they picked their name. Then they invested time into their name and are seemingly unwilling to say “Damn. We should’ve researched better. Too late, though!”

It’s a shame. I do wish them the best and all that, but I think they made the wrong choice here. Sounds like the only thing to do is become the ART that matters. :slight_smile:



I believe in you!
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I remember the last time this type of thing happened with Two Drop, MonkeyThumB and YoYoRelaxation. It’s kind of annoying, but I suppose over time it will mostly only bother people typing both names out all the time on a forum… :frowning:

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Amplified vs Jensen and Charles.

Actually I think Amplified’s got them.


Amplified did the right thing by reaching out to the others to express this. I hope the other guys give it some more thought.

I disagree that the acronym means little, because I communicate using them quite often. So, there is only one YYF, there’s only one YYE, and right now, there’s only one ART too. If a Yo-Yo Express wanted to open up shop as YY/E, it would never be something I’d use. Maybe we’ll have Charles Lee’s Yo-Yo World, CLY/W. The acronym is not everything, but it certainly does seem to matter. The “ART” acronym thing seems small to some people because neither (ART, A/RT) company has been established as long as a YYE or YYF. But, if I was the guy who put work into a design under a brand name, and got all the way to retail with it, it certainly seems to deserve some serious consideration. Just my opinion.

When we run out of letters, the shorthand is considered to be accounted for, okay, so type everything else out the long way. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I bought 5 Shouts, so Amplified got a head start. :+1:t5:

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It’s especially frustrating when you’re trying to build a brand. It really could have and still could be avoided. It’s not like there’s a dearth of potential yoyo company names and it’s not like “A Return Tops” took a lifetime to come up with.

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i dunno. to me, the comparative size of the company and who they serve is key. in the case of yoyoexpert (YYE), it would be foolishness on the part of “yoyoexpress” to refer to themselves using an acronym already associated with an established powerhouse which serves as a 1st touchtone for many newcomers. and regardless, YYF and YYE have acronyms separated by exactly one LINE, yet not even total beginners seem to confuse them.

by contrast, amplifed/art and a-return tops/a/rt (or whatever it’s going to be) are both boutique manufacturers which will primarily serve savvy, established players seeking high quality stuff. the players who are interested in their yo-yo’s (i mean return tops) will be informed and know what they’re looking for, and i think that will keep it from being a problem. i’m NOT saying it was a good move on the part of chuck/jensen - i just don’t think it’s going to matter much in the long run. when string theory started up and everyone was calling them “styy”, people asked whether it would get confusing with “spyy”, but it didn’t - a company’s branding trumps its acronym. amplified has really solid, distinct branding (imo) and i think that will keep it clear and unique as its own entity.


I think that the sky is the limit for any company, and a company can grow to any size over time. So, while the companies at hand are small, they may not intend to remain small. And, what could be perceived as a small issue now, could be more of an issue down the line.

The difference between the other acronyms discussed, and the ART acronym is that it’s letters form a very recognizable word, and one that has a lot of meaning in this context. They are not a bunch of what appear to be random letters, they are letters that form a real word to be associated with the brand. And, Amplified began advertising with the name.

For that reason, the acronym might mean even more than something like “YYE” or “YYF” in terms of why a business like Amplified might not want another business using it.

YYE is so established that a Yo-yo Express as YYE might be more easily ignored. When a brand is just beginning, and the acronym spells an actual word associated with the brand through advertisement, a stronger argument can be made. Just my opinion.

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