Pacific Available to Preorder!!

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another sea pertaining yoyo company…

I can sea the appeal :slight_smile:

Such originality!!!

The design is almost identical to the caesar .
With exception of the OR

perhaps less aggressive rims?
I think this would be a little bit more stable and would differentiate it from the Caesar, Gradient etc.
Excellent designing though.

Yes, I agree with Garrett.

I think you should change the name of your Company to ‘MonkeyThumb’. And call your first model ‘Little Caesar’.

Or Sea Monkey.


It’s not too often someone makes me actually laugh out loud on the forums, I’m dying here
Thanks for that Mo

I “sea” what you did there
Sorry that wasnt on “porpoise”, It was just another stupid “line”
I really dont quite “sea” this company “setting sail”, and especially with that design, with MonkeyFinger already making the caeser, ur just a little “lake”. “Tarn” it! "water you thinking? Such unoriginal design
Can you even tuna piano?

You guys are so nice after dark.

All this nautical :frowning:

And here I was thinking I was original.

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Tang Nabbit!
Dont be too shellfish about the sea, avoid being a stream of emotions

What a load of carp!
You sure are crabby tonight~

Haaaah !
Keep um commin lol

Person 1: Hey I’d like to start a company. (Goes on to share his passions, dreams, and ideas)

Person 2: Sorry but your name and ideas aren’t good enough. Actually they’re pretty lame. (Invites friends to further jeer and ridicule Person 1)

Friends: We share the feelings of Person 2. (With sheep mentality they join Person 2 and further deride Person 1)

This is how some “hey I’m starting a company” threads go, and it’s sad.


Reefguy approves the name.

Am I the only one who took the name as Old English for holiday/festival <heahtid

Idk about others, but my stuff took lots of thought and emotion

We at High Tide yoyos would just like to address some of the things you guys have been pointing out. Yes we are another “sea” yoyo company, for good reason. Both the owners grew up on the ocean, specifically the pacific. It also ties in with a japanese theme as Japan is known for its harsh ocean weather. One of the owners is, yes half japanese. We are not copying anyone, we believe this idea, theme , name fits perfectly with us. As with the design. This sketch up is still in its very early stage, there will be changes. Again we were not trying to copy them. I have had this design/idea before those said yoyos were even released. We are not interested in negative comments. We would though love constructive critiscm and ideas.

, HighTideYoyos

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well said

If it’s something you want to do, then do it. Just realize that by putting your stuff out there,you are exposing yourself to the masses and running a successful business of any type is hard and it takes thick skin. You can’t expect everyone to play nicely. It’ll be your job to wade through the mess and interpret the criticism for yourself.