A little Skyva bearing experience

I got my skyva in the other day and throwing it I noticed that the bearing acted like it was lubed. You know, tug and the string wants to try and wrap. So much so that a good enough tug and it will respond. Was making it impossible for me to try and learn finger spins.

Today, I decided to throw in a OD 10 Ball (my fav’s). Take the throw apart… they put it together tight. No bearing removal tool so grab the trusty, rusty pliers. That was a no-go. Tried wiggling and all that but the bearing is not budging. Screw it, just put the thing back together before you break it. I did not want to over tighten so I threw it … BAM, vibe outta hell. Dang!!! Well, started tugging and the bearing was now totally un-responsive. No trying to wrap string or anything. Hmmmm… lets tighten it up a little more. Less vibe… YAY!!! Tighen a litte more… just a smidgen of very barely noticeable vibe. GREAT! Tug, tug… bearing still un-responsive. Oh yea… that is what I wanted!

So, there is my Skyva Bearing story with a happy ending… for now. I will eventually have to get that bearing loose and out. ;D

I thought it was gonna end with the yoyo getting stripped ::slight_smile:

Usually, I know when to say when. As a past Millwright, I have stripped and broken plenty of thing and had to retap.

I also have trouble getting my bearing off my skyva. But I didn’t try that hard to get it off.

You have a lot of Guys man!

Maybe you should use a YOYO EXPERT multitool, they work great, cheap, worth art, and takes off the bearing in no time without any effort. Should get one (under 5$)