Can the hubstack afterglow twist apart?

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I have tried this put it seems like iam gonna break the darn thing! can it be done?


YYFs are super tight. Don’t worry about it. Just keep trying. It’s hard the first time, but gets easier.

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got it thanks man :smiley: btw, is there a way to make this yoyo responsive???


Sure, lubing the bearing will make most any yoyo responsive.

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okay now i have noticed i problem with my bearing on one of sides, i tried to take it out with pliers but it didn’t budge now its making a scratchy metal sound T.T what should i do T.T


I put a half spec bearing in it and it plays responsive. Very well when lubed with thick lube. I really wanna try the blue pads in it though. I feel like those would be better than the stock white ones.

P.S. If you don’t already have it, I suggest the YYF multitool. Not only does it off bearing removal, but it additionally has an axle adjuster you might need to use.