Bearing Removal Tool

Hey you guys,

I recently got myself this beautiful little DV888 and was horrified that after about 4 days the bearing went bust. So naturally i dug around and found some people having the problem. I then proceeded to attempt to remove the bearing with a pair of pliers (big mistake). The bearing then basically shattered and the inner ring of it remains firmly attached to the yoyo.

Luckily for me, the good folk at YoYoNation offered to take it back, repair it, fit a new bearing and send it back to me totally free of charge. However, i find myself wondering what i will do when my next bearing breaks. Which leads me to my point.

I came across this little gadget called the YYF Bearing Removal Tool. I wanted to get one until i saw the price. About £5 for a thin tube of metal.

So my question is, where can i get something that does the same thing as this but doesnt cost so much?

Thanks for your replies.

Well, I alwas use wrenches or these pliers and they work fine. But for safetey, I would recomend you getting that and there is no-other bearing removal tool. As I know.

Alright thanks for you advice. The DV888 seems to be rather notorious for having a tightly attached bearing. Atleast it stays on when you want it to though i guess.

Your welcome, glad to help. :wink:

You can use the back side of a 1/4" drill bit or a piece of 1/4" tubing. If your bearings start acting up not too long after you get them, it is worth a shot to either give it a drop of lube or clean and lube it.

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Yeah this was my basic idea. I lubed it, to no avail. I then figured its likely to be a piece of broken off anodization. So my plan was to get it off, explose the bearings and give them a good blast of air and a clean. Sadly i didnt get past step 1 :frowning:

But thanks for the suggestion. I’ll dig through my tool kit and try out a 1/4" to get it off before i buy the official tool.

A pair of pliers will work just fine.

I cover the bearing with a layer of rag or an old rubber glove so that I do not scratch the bearing itself while removing it. Gently, rock the bearing around the bearing seat until it loosens and releases.

For safety, however, I would recommend using the bearing removal tool. The perfect fit of the sleeve makes for the safest, easiest removal of the bearing with the least amount of stress on the yoyo. Place the bearing removal tool into the top of the inner sleeve and gently rock in a roughly circular motion until the bearing releases.

I wonder whether having the bearing tool would have saved you more than 5 quid on the broken bearing/return postage of the DV888 :slight_smile:

A small piece of stainless steel tubing works also. I think the tubing size is 3/8 inch, but don’t quote me on the exact size. It works but the removal tool is better and stronger. The tubing is a little smaller and it bends easier.

Like he says, the butt end of a 1/4 in. drill bit inserted in the bearing works great. This assumes that the axle is not in the same half as the bearing. If it is, a piece of 1/4 in. OD steel tubing is the real deal. You just rock it and pull gently on it at the same time. I would avoid a larger tubing to grab the outer race. That will put extra stress on the inner race and ball cage.

Note that for different bearing sizes you will obviously need a different size rod or tube.

Thanks for all your responses guys i think i have a better picture not of how to fix this problem should it arise again.

Well the postage is only £1.39 and rest is free as they said theyd do it all for me (ie free new bearing). However you are right i wouldnt want to be doing it again, and i will most likely either buy myself a piece of metal tubbing, or failing that a bearing removal tool in case i find myself in this situation again.

By the way, billybobsbait& have really handled this quite well. They were exetremely fast to reply to my problem and are quite generous in that they are fixing the yoyo and replacing the bearing all free of charge. Just a little side not there anyway :slight_smile:

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I have a question. can the bearing removal tool remove all size bearing or just size C

It will only work with the “C” size bearing. The different sized bearings have a different ID. You can get the tubing or rods of the correct size for different bearings at the hardware store. Just take the bearing with and find one that fits snuggly, but not tight.

You can add thin shims to make the bearing easier to remove.

If you want to try pliers again, make sure you have the correct type, not the flat ones. You want the curved pliers that wrap around the bearing.