A Guide to change your String Tension

Here’s my final Guide for all the beginners:
Getting your string tension just right is essential to Yoyo play.  Too tight and your yoyo will get reponsive.Too loose and your yoyo will fly out of the string!!!  Here’re some vid and tutorial.  Again Thnx to all:
By Andre himself.
By other people in this forum:


Please check out my Binding guide.

And my Hand Starting Guide.

IMO, I don’t think these guides are necessary. They are all covered here in the trick section. But, that’s only my opinion. Don’t let it stop you :wink:

Just because they may not be necessary does not mean that they are not helpful


i wrote these guides in hope to help beginner’s quickly find what they need. when they ask in these forums, other people will give them some technique’s but some are just better than others. i got these vids from some recent posts and most of them are different from each other. so even if yo say they’re unnecessary, i agree with yoyomaster, they are helpful

Fedya for the win! :smiley:

I like this thread because its everything I look for in one spot. It’s helpful to myself yay!


I think these are helpful. Since I cannot do a UFO or a rattlesnake to loosen tension because of unresponse, I can do the washing machine, which I had never heard of.