A Guide to Binding

Well in the 1 month I’ve been here I’ve seen so many people asking for help to Bind so I decided to write a guide for all you beginners:
Ok binding is a technique where you return an unresponsive yoyo to your hand.  Normally, in a bind you throw a loop into the opposite way the yoyo’s spinning.  Here are some tutorials from many experienced players(Thnx to all):

Fake binds are more preferred by some players because it’s simple, tight, and still returns it to the hand without making the yoyo snag as normal binds sometimes do.  Another tutorial:

Hope this Guide helps many beginner’s learn to bind!!
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Thanks for this guide my friend’s having some difficulty binding and this will help!

Cool guild!! ;D

Hey that’s me!

Nice guide. Lots of videos to help people.

really in which vid!?!?!

The fake binds one is him ^^