String Tension

Right now i’m useing a YYF Rast 201 with the YYF strings, and i’m having a heck of a time with the tension. I’ll straighten it out and release all the tension and wind it up and after about 2-3 tricks the sting is so tight the yoyo’s grabbing knotes. Am i goign something wrong or are these just crap strings? ???

Keep in my by “winding it up” you already change the string tension… if you do it the beginners way, that is.

If you learn some easy and effective ways to adjust the tension your life will be easier. On responsive yoyos this sidewinder move works really good.


Yeah, winding it up changes the string tension a great deal. I would suggest trying to learn either snap starting or thumb starting. This will help a ton.

is this guy just goign to follow me around saying that over and over?

i suggest taking a look at this.

there is also many ways to adjust your string tension. sidewinder is great for responsive yoyos. and i like one from the split bottom mount for unresponsive play. either way, those are some good ways to do it.


Well you are breaking the rules with those words. All of the yoyo forums basically have the same rules on language.