A-Grade Imperfections

Sheesh, another A-RT run sold quickly again.

The big question I have is did anyone even receive a new grail WITHOUT any flaws? Everybody chiming in has gotten some kind of issue that makes it non-mint and even verging into B-grade territory.


When I got my orange grail I never noticed any ano flaws that were obvious. But I didnt know I was supposed to look so its not like I inspected the whole thing…

Nope. Electro-plating would require a ton of different metals to achieve that kind of colour and it wouldn’t result in a rim that would change colour depending on the light shining on it. I’ll say it’s impossible to achieve such a colour with electro-plating. The rims are torched but I’m not sure what exactly causes the marks. I know they can be avoided as other companies like G2 and Mowl have perfect rainbow rims.


My machinist said that’s where the rings are held while they are being torched (at least for my yoyo that was affected by this, the Exia). Because heat can transfer through that point to the mounting hardware it results in different color bands appearing. I think some shops (FPM, etc) have more sophisticated mounting setups that can place those spots anywhere, which allows them to be hidden where the ring touches the aluminum body.

It inspired me to make another outer-ring model at least.


Not really. They can do rainbow on stainless and have for many years.

" Prismatic Stainless Steel (color produced by electrochemical process that creates thin layer of chrome oxide)."

Or -

SS colour anodizing(only for 18/8 SS):
1 lit sulphuric acid
7,5 gm sodium bichromate
object=anode,cathode= lead
70-95 °C temp.,0,06 A/dm2, 1,3 V
Colour sequence brown - blue - yellow - reddish brown - purple - green.

Interesting, did not know about this. But I think most of the rainbow rims out there are done by torching. Maybe some manufacturers can weigh in on this @G2_Jake @Mazdarx7FD @bjardin @yyfben2

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I know in jewelry, watches, pens etc. electro-chem is common. Same as it was decades ago in the motorcycle accessory market. Had a blue fade on a steel can exhaust that was done this way and looked great. Headers turned colors on their own from heat. :slight_smile:
I do wonder if they can do a clear coat like aluminum as some seem to have something like that while others don’t and the torched style are usually the ones that don’t.

TWSBI Vac700R Iris with steel nib and accents.

Always meant to do some nickel plating from Caswell’s on a yoyo. I remember when OD did the Obsidian plating but I think it had potential health issues? I’ve done several Ti pieces which was fun but the oxide layer isn’t durable really. Still fun and high voltage!

Hopefully some of the people you tagged will respond!


My Hotdiggity has a little blemish under the rim. I honestly dont care just thought I’d post it.

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Yes, no ano flaws as far as I can tell and no vibe. The DS bearing is also quiet. Pretty Sweet :+1:


You have the grailist grail @Exmime


Ah interesting. I think iYoYo might use this finish as their finish is similar to the picture shown. It’s less rainbowy and has a majority of one colour, either pink or green.

I reached out to A-RT and they’re asking that people that have flaws on the bright brown B7 Grails reach out to them at alternate.rt@gmail.com

Make sure to include a photo. Sounds like there will be a refund issued :+1:

Tagging @yoyojoe I know you were one of the ones that received an imperfect one.


Thanks! @Benmichael86

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