a few days ago, i justfound out that some people guy yoyos marked as B grade beacuse of anodizing defects and get them re-anodized and sell them as mint or A-grade.

I think this is wrong and imoral and here’s why: defines mint as “As new condition with no wear or damage. An item in this condition may have been removed from it’s packaging which means it is not necessaryl MIB, Mint In Box. Mint condition items have the same appearance as the day they were finished.”

which mean the B-grade was either never mint to begin with, or “mint” just the way is was, getting the yoyo modified does not count as mint, because it is now not in the same condition as when it was freshly made

but othes say that it’s okay because they never say that the yoyo was b grade to begin with and that they never say they got it re-anodized either

what do you guys think about this?

I think that you are getting a 100+ dollar yoyo for sometimes around twenty dollars. There is no reason to complain about anything.

I really don’t know why this would be a problem. If its a anno defect and not a vibe then reannoing it would fix it wouldnt it?What condition did they say it was?

… seriously bro… who wants to complain about a pretty much half price yoyo with all the experience except anno flaws

I think that if a yoyo is a b-grade, it should be clearly stated that it’s a b-grade, no matter what’s been done to it. Anno isn’t the only thing wrong with b-grades sometimes. People should always be 100% honest about items they’re trading or selling.

What if the company informs the buyer that it is B grade due to anno ONLY, and the buyer strips the yoyo of the anno and re anno’s it or polishes, etc.

Why would you need to even mention it as B grade as the only reason it was “b-grade” is longer involved with said yoyo.

I stopped right there

Pardon my honnesty here but why do you care?

you basically get “angry” about something done by someone else and that has absolutely no effect whatsoever on your or anyone else’s life

way to grow yourself a cancer dude, chill out, there’s no need to set up a cruisade every time you find out someone trying to make money.

times are hard these days, people do what they can to make it a little easier on themselves. Don’t be naive, we’re getting basically screwed anytime we buy anything, that’s how it is.

if you feel like not buying something because you find it “immoral”, then just don’t buy it, but whatever you might do to “warn” people could indeed influence this other guy’s life, maybe his family depends on him, he spends some savings to get some sort of business going, and you would like to destroy it because you find it “immoral”

dude, that ain’t cool

this is not immoral, this is yoyo

immoral is lying to a country in order to start a war
immoral is selling health insurance and not delivering when the guy needs it
immoral is the 12yo little girls working in factories
immoral is people throwing food away while others, whole countries starve to death

our western type of life is immoral, our computers, iphones and playstations are immoral and we don’t feel that bad about it right?

you can’t stop the world from spinning, just let it go

I totally agree, people should be 100% honest about anything, at all, really, then we would live in a perfect world with rainbows and unicorns and whatnot

but really, people are not being 100% honest about anything, we can’t change that can we? some people are honest, some other aren’t, usually the honest ones will grow a rep, and the other ones will eventually move on as their “business” won’t last, right?

what I mean is, yes, people should be honest, I know I’m trying to be and for the most part, I think I’m ok, not perfect, who is?, but ok.

The truth, really is, not everyone is perfect, and some people, really, are idiots, that’s the truth, we all know that, you can’t expect anyone to be as “perfect” as you think yourself are, some people are just douchebags, and so will be their kids and their kids after that, and the tragedy here, it’ll probably lead to the end of the world at some point (if we’re not already there), but that’s how it is.

I think it would have been WAAAAY better if the OP directly contacted the seller and told him about his concerns, then they could have had a discussion about what is really going on, and maybe he’ll get some more first hand information in order to make a better judgement

but instead, you got this guy randomly browsing the web, finding something he “assumes” is immoral for some reason, based on, really, not that much information, then he comes here, posts and starts a debate, even tho he has virtually NO information whatsoever about what he’s talking about.

Maybe most manufacturers use this guy for “near perfect yet lightly flawed” products, who knows ? I don’t

what I find immoral, but really, I don’t care that much (enough to write about it here tho), is people making assumptions and taking them as absolute truth.

email the guy, see what’s going on, then come back. Do you (the OP, not shaunC) think you’re being fair with anyone here?

  • you see something and you assume stuff about it
  • you come here and try to sell this as the absolute truth, while expecting us to what? start a raid on the dude’s website ?

really, you had nothing better to spend your time on?

I agree with jayyo as long as the buyer knows what’s what, or the company it self is fixing the problem and there is no differance, i do not see what is wrong with it

Because it still came from the company as a B-grade. If the person who purchased it originally got it re-anno’d and then sold it at full price, but clearly stated that it was originally b-grade due to anno only but he had anno’d it himself, I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. It’s just a manner of honesty. It’s not difficult at all to be honest in a trade or sale.

I totally agree with Shaun C.